The Ultimate Bolt On Strut Front Subframe For Camaro And Nova Drag Racers

The Ultimate Bolt On Strut Front Subframe For Camaro And Nova Drag Racers

I’m pretty lucky because I hear about and see, and sometimes even test, new products well before the normal public gets to hear about them or see the at an event. And since I’m a geek for fabrication, manufacturing, and parts in general, it usually gets me excited to do so. But when I saw this bolt in strut front subframe for a 1st Gen Camaro at Chris Alston’s Chassisworks for the first time I about lost it. I was so excited it was uncomfortable for the people around me. I needed, and wanted, a moment alone. And every person I have ever showed one to since has been almost as excited. Almost.


This front Subframe bolts right in. Just like factory. Only it weighs eleventy thousand times less so you can do the job by yourself without all kinds of aggravation. And once done the entire assembly can be tied into the roll cage of your car as well to make it the strongest bolt in drag race front subframe you are ever going to find. And since it was built specifically for, and much to the chagrin of, the sanctioning bodies who used “Bolt In front Subframe” in their rulebooks, it makes for a really good addition to your race car. Hell, put one on your street car!


There is so much going on with this subframe, and the system of components that you can bolt to it, so we’re going straight to the data sheets from Chassisworks on this thing. Did you know they have a data sheet on every product they sell? That it talks about specs, components that work with it, and all the information you could ever want about the part or product? Yep. Read them, it’s great info.


If you are already sold and want one of these, CLICK HERE TO PRICE OUT THE OPTIONS

chassisworks-bolt-in-camaro-strut-subframe-1 chassisworks-bolt-in-camaro-strut-subframe-2









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