Welding Tech Video: TIG Welding Aluminum For Beginners.

Welding Tech Video: TIG Welding Aluminum For Beginners.

TIG welding is awesome. Super sexy bad ass tig welds make your ride look like a million bucks. But it’s also one of the more challenging, and often intimidating, types of welding. And since the process, settings, and motions are different depending on the materials being welded, it is one of the more challenging welding skills to master. But like all welding, practice and the right tips and tricks are what will allow you to master it.

There are three or four common materials that hot rodders typically tig weld. Stainless steel, 4130 chrome moly, aluminum, and mild steel are your top four. Of these, aluminum and stainless seem to cause the most heartache depending on what you are creating. Aluminum can be so cool looking when a nice tig weld is laid down, but it is also one material that can bite you if you don’t prep right and if you don’t pay attention so as to control heat.

Thats why we decided to share this cool video with you. Check it out, and then start practicing!


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2 thoughts on “Welding Tech Video: TIG Welding Aluminum For Beginners.

  1. Tubbed Pacecar

    Chad: Another good one by the same fellow is all about the metalurgy, and welding of 4130, including why not to stress relieve, and the correct filer rod to use…..



    A bit long & drawn out, but some good history along the way, and good info towards the end.
    Moral of the story, don’t try to “stress relieve” 4130 tubing with a torch, and
    use ER80S-D2 filler rod…..

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