Big News: NASCAR To Reenter Sport Of Drag Racing – National Series Planned For 2016

Big News: NASCAR To Reenter Sport Of Drag Racing – National Series Planned For 2016

It has been about 50 years since NASCAR abandoned their burgeoning drag racing division in 1967 and stepped clearly away from the sport but reports from inside the halls of the company indicate that NASCAR plans to make a bold reentry into the sport of drag racing in 2016 with a national event series. The ties between NASCAR and drag racing extend back to 1960 when Wally Parks and Bill France worked together to put on what was the first Winternationals during the Daytona 500 speed week in Florida. From there the NHRA and NASCAR went in different directions before becoming competitors in the 1960s with NASCAR’s biggest years in the straight line realm being 1966 and 1967. Internal changes within the NASCAR organization brought an end to the Drag Racing Division but some in the company believe that there is an opportunity to leverage the sanctioning body’s massive television reach and other resources to dive back into the world of drag racing.

An unnamed executive after initially denying the claim made an about face and said, “Drag racing is a very viable commodity and we’re not looking to become a carbon copy of anybody or anything that is currently out there.” He continued, “We see sections of the drag racing world that are growing quickly and largely being ignored which we think would fit. Let’s just say that several of us have become real experts with regard to radial tires lately.”

When asked about where the series would compete and if they would work with current sanctioning bodies like the NHRA and IHRA, the NASCAR official told us, “There are multiple tracks in play across the country in good markets right now. We don’t do things halfway here so we’re actively working on a couple of fronts to make sure that we are in the right places and markets with this series in 2016.”

With attendance declines happening with their stock car program and manufacturers looking for other outlets for their racing spending we’re guessing that this is a move by the company to brace up what appear to be sagging fortunes. While drag races on the whole draw fewer spectators than NASCAR events they also operate at a lower budgetary level and that is apparently where the company sees an opportunity.

As we were told, “Have you seen what we pay the stock car racers? We have people who literally show up only to collect the money they get from qualifying and they don’t even care about driving in the race. That’s crazy, right? Best we can tell with the current situation across drag racing, we can make an impact with a minimal, relatively speaking, risk for us. That’s why we see the opportunity here. Plus most of the people around this place have never smelled nitro before and that’s a problem in and of itself.”

As of this writing, we are not sure what, when, or where, the 2016 NASCAR drag racing series will begin but it would not be too far out of the realm of reason to expect construction somewhere on the expansive grounds of Daytona International Speedway to bring the race “home” during Speed Weeks in February. Mountains have been moved in shorter time frames.

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21 thoughts on “Big News: NASCAR To Reenter Sport Of Drag Racing – National Series Planned For 2016

  1. ColoradoKid

    If I wasn\’t convinced this was an April Fools joke I\’d be railing on for the next ten paragraphs on how stupid and abjectly futile this would be …. in light of the fact that sponsors are bailing out of all forms of motorsports and as far as drag racing is concerned …. aint nobody coming to the races either . Not that they are going to any other form of motorsports events mind you … but … well …

    Now … if only that travesty of a Bentley Continental posing as a Lincoln from yesterday would prove to be a day early April Fools joke .. I could go thru the rest of the day a happy man .

      1. ColoradoKid

        Seriously 75Duster …. READ the damn post before making irrelevant remarks . What part of ;

        \” If I wasn\’t convinced this was an April Fools joke …. \”

        … did you not understand/comprehend ?

        Oh wait . I get it . Your comment was intended as a bit of April Fools jocularity as well . Hmmmn ….. nope … sorry 75Duster … it just aint the least bit funny … though it does pretty much prove you to be a Fool .. again ! 😉

        Which errrr … is pretty damn funny in fact … so maybe there is something ever so slightly redeeming about your Wednesday Morning Moment of Irrelevance 😉

        Seriously 75Duster … quit trying to play with the big boys . Especially … this big boy

        1. 75Duster

          So your a big boy in what? Your Mercedes SUV, your ego? Your multiple Bangshift aliases?
          I did read the post before I read your usual long winded Bangshift rant, and as I said to my reply to you lighten up!
          I am not intimidated at all by a internet troll who is supported by his spouse because he has no real “music career”.
          I also know your real identity, Jimmy!

          1. MOPARNUTZ

            glad to hear someone else is fine and jumping his dumbass besides me !!!!!
            GIVE HIM HELL….
            75DUSTER !!!!!

  2. Frank

    Maybe that’s why they are rebuilding Dragway 42, that’s where the Nascar Nationals were held, I was there and I wish dragracing was like that again.

  3. ratty

    I guess Pro Stock Trucks will be coming back then! Ok obviously this is an April Fool’s joke, but I really liked the small block trucks. C’mon, screaming NA small blocks, what’s not to like?

  4. Greg

    looks like the France are looking for even more money.
    God whats next?? road racing.
    they allready own almost all the tracks

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