Boss Find: $52,500 Is The Asking Price For These 429 Parts With Yunick and Holman-Moody Ties

Boss Find: $52,500 Is The Asking Price For These 429 Parts With Yunick and Holman-Moody Ties

As we have often talked about, the market for rare muscle car era parts will continue to accelerate and rise for years to come and more of more of this stuff is “discovered” and put on the market. A prime example is sitting on eBay right now and we found it last night. For the asking price of $48,500 this seller is peddling a real NOS 429HP block, a set of Holman-Moody prepared Boss 429 heads, an NOS crank that came out of the shop of Smokey Yunick, and the correct 8V (two four bbl) intake to tie the whole package together. You can scoff at that if you’d like and we’ll give you a minute to do so.

Ok, now that you have gotten your chuckling out of the way we can continue. We’re not exactly in the market for this stuff but we can understand the asking price even if we too choke when looking at it. For starters, the number of completely unmolested 429HP blocks out there has to be pretty small at this point, the number of Holman-Moody touched Boss 429 heads must be even smaller than that, and having anything that Smokey Yunick make have actually touched in your engine is beyond far out. Sure, you’d have thousands more in finding the right carbs, building the engine with the right pistons, rods, etc, but you’d have a foundation that literally no one else on Earth could claim to have.

The one thing that may be a little weird here is the fact that the only thing the heads and intake would be “right” would be a restored period racer or something of that nature and in a strange twist, a car like that could likely be worth less than a numbers restored Boss 429, right? An early Boss 429 pro stocker like those run by Butch Leal and others would be cool as hell but it definitely would not call for the same coin as a matching numbers factor stocker.

These are very cool parts and we’d love them if we were rich Ford freaks, but is their sum worth $52,500? You tell us.


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3 thoughts on “Boss Find: $52,500 Is The Asking Price For These 429 Parts With Yunick and Holman-Moody Ties

  1. Lee

    You nailed it Brian. The parts would only be “valuable” for a tribute race car whose overall value would be substantially less than a restored stock Boss 429.

    The seller can ask whatever he wants – doesn’t mean anyone is willing to pay his price.

  2. Big Sky Dreamer

    “Day Two” is the new automotive buzz word so maybe someone will ‘restore’ an old pro stocker – there was a story in a mag that one of the two Mavericks that Dyno Don ran was found – this would be perfect for that deal!

  3. Ian Mol

    Barry Poole’s Comet 429 Comet is alive and well with a guy in Windsor, Ontario as well as a bunch of other Mustang Super Stock vehicles that are clones or real, do not know. A few years ago still had the original Drag slicks. 429 top loader is a trip, even for a Chrysler guy.

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