Breaking News: Al-Anabi Racing Funding Terminated For All USA Racing Teams – From Top Fuel On Down

Breaking News: Al-Anabi Racing Funding Terminated For All USA Racing Teams – From Top Fuel On Down

(Charles Wickam Photo) Wow! Rumors of a potential cut in funding for Al-Anabi Racing teams have persisted for a short time but we’re not sure anyone saw this announcement coming. The word on the street and the word according to the press release below is that effective immediately, Al-Anabi Racing teams will not receive any funding for the 2015 season and have been effectively cut off. As the release below mentions, this includes all of the teams from the successful top fuel operation of Alan Johnson right on through the ranks. Al-Anabi’s name is on the side of many cars, including pro mods like those campaigned by Von Smith, Mike Castellana, and others.

This is a BIG piece of news and it is coming just as Johnson and the team were going to get read for 2015 season testing. Wow

We were sent this press release announcing the news….

BROWNSBURG, IN – The Qatar Racing Club has terminated funding for all motorsports activities in North America.

This decision includes the two-car Al-Anabi Racing Team operated by Alan Johnson Racing, the team announced today. The decision was made in the final days of 2014, and team members were notified this morning.

“We are obviously surprised and disappointed about this completely unexpected turn of events,” Alan Johnson Racing team owner Alan Johnson said. “Our plans for the 2015 NHRA season were nearing completion starting with pre-season testing next week in (West Palm Beach) Florida and the first race of the 2015 NHRA season a month from today in (Pomona) California. Many things are uncertain, and our situation is obviously still evolving. We are currently exploring our options, and we hope to have more news in the near future.”

The Al-Anabi Racing Team won NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Top Fuel world championships in 2010, ’11 and ’13. The team won 42 races in the last six seasons with drivers Larry Dixon, Del Worsham, Shawn Langdon and Khalid alBalooshi. When the team has additional information regarding its future, it will make another announcement; until that time, team members are unable to grant any interview requests.

Alan Johnson has won 11 NHRA Mello Yello Top Fuel World Championships with five different drivers: Gary Scelzi, Tony Schumacher, Larry Dixon, Del Worsham and Shawn Langdon; he is a 15-time NHRA champion in various capacities including crew chief, team owner and team manager. For additional information on Alan Johnson Racing, please visit

al anabi

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73 thoughts on “Breaking News: Al-Anabi Racing Funding Terminated For All USA Racing Teams – From Top Fuel On Down

  1. loren

    I always thought that was a curious deal. There is a pretty wide cultural, uh, gulf between a conservative Muslim state and the sport of drag racing in America…it would take some tolerance on their part (to look at it from their way) to be involved. Between that and there likely being a big recent drop in oil revenue going the direction between us and them, they just decided the whole thing had run it’s course. Flick of a pencil, for Qatar.

    1. Turbo Regal

      I, too, thought this whole Al-Anabi deal was strange from the start. Was this just a hobby for the sheik or a business? I also thought that with Qatar’s documented support of designated terrorist organizations like Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, the NHRA wouldn’t want their money either. But with their financial fortunes being what they are, they’ll take sponsorship wherever they can get it.

      1. Lane

        “Your just stupid”. pretty self evident (am I using too big a word for you?) that you are not very educated either.

        You’re just stupid.

        This whole race financing debacle I suspect is the result of racing operations (sponsorship) not getting a high enough ROI (return on investment).I have been a motorsports journalist covering NHRA for 25 years and have seen cost soar astronomically in the past 10 years. Top Fuel is getting insanely high to run in competitively, not to mention all the other forms of motorsports Al-Anabi were involved with. Plus, it’s not like a US company product (eg TIDE, after a race fan sees on the side of a race race during an event wants to go out and purchase or support said brand.) If you look at the other big name Top Fuel teams, you will see that it is the sport of very rich billionaires (Kallita, Schumacher, etc).
        AJR must be just crapping themselves now, having to scramble only weeks before the start of the 2015 racing season to find a high dollar sponsor. Again not easy in today’s economy. Best of luck to them, I would like to see NHRA fuel racing be competitive with many teams capable of running well.

        1. Chris

          What does it cost a Top Fuel dragster or funny car, per event? 100K? THAT’S the problem. No different than NASCAR. If it isn’t high dollar, you can’t compete. I guess there will be two less cars at the Winter Warmup here in Southeast Florida. I wasn’t crazy about that arab group, anyway. Hope the teams get back on their feet for 2015.

          1. lane

            If you factor in all the costs of equipment, trailers (many have brand spanking new race shops on wheels every year), paying crew chief and all team members, PLUS all the expendables of broken $30,000 blowers, etc it can reach $250k.

        2. Wayne

          Yea, that’s what I was thinking, they’re probably crapping themselves trying to figure out what they’re going to do. AJ, is a proven winner but tallent alone isn’t enough. As you said it outragiously expensive to race at that level much less be a leader of the pack when you have to compete against Schumacher. Sponsership is never a given from one year to the next unless you have a multi year contract. Most of these organizations aren’t funded that way. Even Force is screwed with his big name backers backing out. This thing with Qatar was a weird thing right from the get go. I know they have money but to get into bed with them for funding…I want to race but I’d rather sit home than sell my soul to a country that subscribes to sharia law and has some of the connection is has to radical groups. It’s not as if they were going to attract the middle eastern community or anything and as you said, the “brand” was Qatar….what the hell are you going to buy to support that?

          No matter how you slice it it’s a pretty crappy deal when you know your team is preparing for the season and you send them a note saying, “sorry, you’re bummin” that close to the beginning of the season. It’s been a very long time since there was very much in the way of return on investment in drag racing.

          It was nice to see someone with experience and understanding in these matter post something that was so informative and logical. Thanks.

  2. Eric Dear

    I feel horrible for all the people that are now unemployed, this cant be good for the nhra as a whole either…

  3. N2O Hemi

    This is bad news but not too surprising. Go read the article at drag racing online’s website for the interview with former ADRL boss Kenny Knowling. Great article about what it’s like taking Arab money.

    1. Chris

      I just finished part one. It’s long, and well worth the read. Hopefully, they are gone for good! I’m sure he see’s the error of his ways, but shame on Nowling for getting into bed with them in the first place. He had a good thing, and then he got into bed with the Arabs. I’m not saying that he got greedy, but he sure let money cloud his vision.

      1. ALL-DONE-EY

        When people say ‘arab’,they mean to say ‘muslim’.
        There are arabs that are Christians and Jews.
        islam counts on people blurring this aspect of their evil.

    1. geo815

      It has everything to do with it. Unfortunate but when you make your bed with snakes, expect to get bit. Personally, I trust goat-humpers less than they trust me.They no longer have a need to apear to like us, therefore, it’s off with the head. Turning that snad box into glass would be too kind.

    2. lane

      NOPE. It’s all about money and using a foreign arab country to pull shady deals and it finally caught up to them. The article on DRO website explains a lot.

  4. DJ

    I always knew in the back of my head this would happen. Sponsors at all levels and series are running for the exits. Seems like the 1970s all over again.

  5. matt

    No real surprise hear….. cheaper oil and rich guys over seas getting bored.
    There goes a few guys from the billionaires club that is professional nhra.
    If any more billion dollar companies jump outta this sport we’ll be lucky if we have 10 car fields in the pro ranks.
    Mabey nhra should take this opportunity to re look some rules to bring down costs and allow there average rich guy to field a car instead of just insanely rich guys .
    I love this sport and don’t want to see it die from greed!

  6. Boris

    I know for a fact that there is NO loyalty among the teams, owners or employees in Pro Drag Racing. But one of the above posters is 100% correct, it is a shame that a whole bunch of people just got their jobs taken away. From the traveling mechanics, to the cook for the team, to the wonderful lady that controls the entry to the team pits, their lives are all up in the air. And you know what? Johnson doesn’t care, he still has his money. The team was a nice ride for the past several years, but he wasn’t spending his own money.

    Take it from a former insider. They are better off going and getting a real job. I thought i had the ultimate job for several years, then BAM, one day i fell out of favor, no notice, no nothing, adios, MoFo. At least I made a lot of money for a few years.

  7. Jay Bree

    I feel bad for those losing their jobs.

    I don’t feel bad about Arab dirty money leaving the sport. Good riddance.

  8. Darrel

    1,Glad to see the Sheiks go. 2, NHRA will prostitute itself to anybody. 3,Alan Johnson is kicking himself right now.4, NHRA is in trouble. 5,IHRA is eatin this up…

  9. TJ Martin

    ” Its the end of the World as we know it ”

    But its not feeling too fine at all

    A friend from the Middle East once gave me this bit of wisdom when it comes to doing business with any Middle Eastern country , business or individual ;

    ” The Middle East and its people are like a constantly shifting sand dune . One day its here . The next day after a minor shift of the wind its over there . So never depend on what tomorrow may bring when it comes to dealing with the Middle East . Never ! ”

    And yes : In light of Qatar’s constant human rights violations , blatant sponsorship of terrorism worldwide , dictatorial behavior towards its own , despotic government etc . It is and has been a major black eye on the face of both the NHRA as well as Alan Johnson Racing that one single solitary dime of sponsorship was ever accepted from Qatar . Both the NHRA and AJR showing their hand that for them the ends truly do justify the means regardless of the long term consequences towards themselves or the US and its allies in general

    The only small source of comfort in all this being its probably for the best that Qatar cuts out of the picture when it comes to the NHRA ; and : that F1 , the FIA as well as teams/manufactures [ Ferrari McLaren ] etc are in bed with a lot worse . A hell of a lot worse indeed

    As to those poor souls at AJR about to be relegated ? The consequences of their employers lack of irresponsibility and foresight with a bit too much emphasis on personal glory and greed at any cost I’m afraid

  10. John Hargrave

    I guess with the drop in oil prices a choice had to be made, fund drag racing, or terrorism. Some one made them an offer they couldnt refuse.

  11. Nytro

    Gee, I wonder if an organization named “Al-Anabi” has interests in the oil market.
    I wonder too if they have to make cuts when oil prices dip by almost fifty percent in a relatively short timeframe.

  12. BburgDragster

    I am very much on the inside, knew this first thing this AM. Other teams are scrambling to get some of the displaced team members on board where needed. So very sad for everyone involved.

  13. need sumpesos

    Budget cuts have been hitting short track racers for years as hundreds of small tracks have gone dark and thousands of weekend race cars are parked in garages.

    It was only a matter of time before the pro racers in NHRA, Nascar,
    Formula 1, and Indycar got hit by sponsor cuts.

    The decade of US recession has eliminated $Billion of discretionary entertainment dollars as even the MLB and NFL don’t enjoy sell out games anymore and need salary caps, 0% tax, and massive TV deals to stay alive.

  14. JC

    Maybe they got word that the CIA was on to their money laundering scheme and they had to bail before the bust.

    Maybe the Alibaba’s that actually pay the bills got sick of pissing it away.

    Maybe they are done setting up their terrorist training camps around the country and its time to go home.

    Yup, Im an a-hole but the truth hurts. These guys and Schmu-hacker are the reasons I stopped watching this silly sport.

    They should put top fuel and funny cars on their own show. Then, take pro stock and make it the top field for a door slammer show. I bet more would watch the door slammers than the fuel bullshit.

  15. Piston Pete

    I don’t know enough about this to try to dissect it like some other posters, I just know that I love nitro racing, I like Alan Johnson and Shawn Langdon, I’m glad the Quatar connection is severed and I hope like hell that AJ’s teams can continue.


    HOORAY !
    This is good for drag racing and America !

  17. matt

    Here’s something to think about, seeing a single company with its name on multiple cars at a race us nothing new, it happens 40 years ago, the difference is this. It used to be a toy company, Revell models, or hot wheels etc. You could take a kid to a race, they’re love it and would be stoked to build a jungle jim model or buy hot wheels or whatever and couldn’t wait to go to another race. Boom another young fan, which means another family activity, which means money in the end result.
    There’s no way a toy company can afford sponsorship on a car that costs 10000$ a run ….If lucky. I mean is there even a beer company that sponsors anymore?
    After a race your kid would want the toy, you would want the beer and everyone is happy. Racers, fans , track owners.
    Your kids not Goin home after a race wanting an al_anabi.
    Put limits on the motors so there not cooking parts and not cooking dollars.
    Equals more cars,more fans, more sponsors. We’re all happy again and still Makin money .
    My suggestions , 1 mag, 1 pump, overdrive limits, 80-85% nitro restrictions, ease bag on diagnostic equip. It’s freaking 20000$ for some computers on them now. And make it a Saturday, Sunday show , Mabey Friday for a big one.
    And as shitty as it would be drop a few events so it’s not so in your face. Tracks will wanna do match races , if they can afford guys to run again.
    That’s my 2 cents who knows Mabey someone will care and we don’t have to freak out when faceless sheiks and oil tycoons bow out of racing

    1. Chris

      You make some very good points. Match racing would be awesome. But would never happen. The trucks are driving all over the country to get to the 24 races (2015 season) and then testing in the off season. Where is the time? Plus, with what it costs to crank these cars up, and then add the possibility of what a run could end up costing, what track can pull in enough people to offset the costs to the race teams. At the end of the day, it’s a business. And they aren’t out to lose money. As you know, a team is given so much money to use each year and a match race doesn’t mean squat to a sponsor like a major event. Sadly.

      What I would also like to see are the ‘Other Two” get involved and throw some cash and research at the drivers who run their emblems on their cars, to develop different brands of engines. I know a Kieth Black Hemi isn’t, but in reality, it is. Yes, I left out Toyota. But then again, they’ve never had a big block…

      1. matt

        I don’t think match racing is out of the question, the amount of events Is a issue with that which is why I mentioned the fact of having to drop some events, kinda sucks but if you had say, 12 you’d get bigger meets at the races. Think of a big race at your local track, something that’s not on every weekend can be amped up a bit more.
        You don’t have to set the cars on kill all the time, people wanna hear the thunder and see flames. Don’t run’em all out, don’t break parts.
        Look how many smaller tracks are paying the nostalgia floppers show up and put on a show. Look at firebird in idaho.
        My local track brings in a bunch of exhibition cars at least once a year.
        As for sponsors not going for that, don’t you think it would be easier to go to a corporation and ask for 2 million a year, do 12 races on TV and say another 12 races at local tracks that are gonna publicize the he’ll out of guys show in up. Rather than ask for 20 mill to go to pro races and Mabey not even make the field or go out round 1.
        I’m betting a couple tracks would even do a few big purse races.
        There’s still a lot of alkyl cars out there, change some rules around to where they could make some changes and they may add some “pop” And play too.

  18. Happy New Year !

    This is great!
    I still cannot see to “like” Reher-Morrison again,nor Pat Musi,nor Alan Johnson,nor Shannon Jenkins for their support of this team or for anyone who supports these muslim terrorist-supporters.

  19. Mike Nowakowski

    I feel bad for all of the people involved and the jobs lost. I’ve ALWAYS thought something smelled in this set up. I hate to see major changes like this in racing AND pray that AJ can find a BETTER backer.
    AJ…. PLEASE keep racin Buddy.

  20. Rob

    I agree with comments above and could go on and on but …………………………….GOOD RIDENCE.

    The world as a whole is better off without this sort of Grubby money.

    As far as the sheik showing his dxxk – basically it is a pissing contest and sure he could piss the furthest but FXXK him/them glad to see the back of them.

  21. Jerry Lundegaard

    The “Big Show’ is on it’s way out. Top Fuel and Pro Stock aren’t relevant, anymore. The younger generation of people don’t identify with those cars. They weren’t raised on them. They’ve been raised on fuel injection and small tires. On top of that, the last time I checked, everyone is watching Street Outlaws. Nobody can afford what the NHRA broadcasts so they’re going street racing.

    I, for one, am sick of the rolling billboards.

    1. Glen

      Jerry, I could not agree with you more. I would 500 times or better prefer to go to a 10.5 tire event than see this top fuel funny car prostock circus. The funny cars and prostock dont even come close to being anything from the factory but the Ford/Chevy/Mopar guys love good rivalry and you can see that at any of the NMRA/NSCA events. NHRA and NASCAR might as well be racing goats. Its the cult of personality.

      1. Jerry Lundegaard

        Glen, the thing I love the best about small tire racing is the appearance of the cars. So many of them retain the natural, original look of the car. A lot of them wouldn’t even appear as fast as they are if they weren’t sporting parachutes!

        Regardless of what happens with the NHRA, drag racing will live on and I think it’s heading in a good direction.

  22. Tom P

    I don’t think it is good news. It was good to have them involved, I doubt it made many millions for Qatari tourism and it was probably just a hobby for the Sheik but is sure helped out a lot of US racers for several years and hugely elevated the racing in several Middle East countries.
    Obvious trying to make peace by invading countries with weapons hasn’t worked very well (Iraq) so getting on their good side through drag racing might be the key to world peace.


      Infidels,READ THE KORAN.
      Go ahead.READ IT.
      It’s free and online.
      Then,you’ll know EXACTLY how islam:POLITICAL CULT OF HATE feels about you and the rest of the world.


    Anyone and everyone is “royalty” in these Middle East “countries”.
    It was part of the deal with the Balfour Agreement with Great Britain (England) in return for the British being able to do oil exploration in the region.
    THIS is why you can be “royalty” and be broke.

    The title wasn’t earned;it exists in name /title only.

    1. Chris

      Yeah. After he didn’t get his money the SECOND time, he shouldn’t have waited around until the 15th time…. These folks smelled money and turned their backs on the U.S. Army. Plain and simple. And that $11,000 that was missing from the wire transfer was probably gobbled up in transfer fees from one bank to another. At least the Nowling was smart enough not to take cash. Quatar operates under Sharia Law. Sharia law is the main source of Qatari legislation according to Qatar’s Constitution.[16][17] In practice, Qatar’s legal system is a mixture of civil law and Sharia law.[51][52] Sharia law is applied to laws pertaining to family law, inheritance, and several criminal acts (including adultery, robbery and murder). In some cases in Sharia-based family courts, a female’s testimony is worth half a man’s and in some cases a female witness is not accepted at all. And these fine Americans got into bed with this. Yep. Greed. And a slap in his wife’s face. But she was in on the take, too, wasn’t she?

      1. Karma is a Beyonce`

        Right on,Chris.
        Anyone who has a bank account here in the United States needs to check to see if their bank is owned by another bank or is part of a larger financial network that supports Sharia Law.

        Many ,MANY people have no idea how prevalent this and dangerous this is.

        As far as Kenny Nowling and all those true-blooded American drivers,engine and chassis builders go,they will get what they deserve.
        Karma is a Beyonce`.

  24. Mark Adelizzi

    It was great while it lasted, but realistically I’m sure all involved realized that this funding was tied to oil and natural gas sales. I think Alan Johnson did a great job representing what Qatar was trying to do in the US market, exposing it’s potential business and tourism opportunities. With all the other sporting venues that their involved in, including World Cup, they just weren’t getting the ROI from the US market they expected. It’s too bad Al-Anabi didn’t give the teams fair notice to both seek other potential sponsors and prepare for their departure, like 6 months to a year… It will suck for a lot of people, especially in the Pro Mod arena for awhile, but I’ll bet Johnson and most of his top notch crew will find gigs pretty fast. I’ll also wager that NHRA will get through this too. It might even be a more realistic and level playing field in 2015. Great job NHRA! You didn’t even have to change any rules! You’re so amazing like that!

    1. Chris

      Exposing Qatar to tourism? Really? Why would any American spend TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars vising that sand farm. What would they see? What American Jew would ever set foot there? The bottom line is that all of these guys got the shaft from AlAnabi. Nowles had the balls to talk. I hope that Johnson starts talking too, and the blind people, like some here, get to see what a scam this all was. ROI? Nah. It was one of two, if not both of the following: Oil prices plummeted because the Saudi’s are showing the world that they can survive and are drilling baby, drilling, or the super rich just got bored. And with the plummen of oil prices, they had to decide between funding terrorism or participating in an American pastime. Either way, they screwed Americans. I am glad that they are gone, and hope that it’s forever.

  25. Sam Strube

    We need Jamie Farr to come back and race a Rolls Royce with a BBC in Comp Eliminator… I’d pay to see that.

    If that doesn’t happen… someone needs to kick the NHRA’s ass with sales, membership numbers and an increase in attendance with some sort of commoners style of racing… like, uh… maybe a fastest street car competition! Yea! Travel the country setting up drag strips so Joe Public can race the big stars at the local air strip!

    I think I’m on to something…


  26. H.A. Leal

    Two conflicting comments. First off, having followed drag racing for five decades, any time “big money” made it’s way into drag racing, I was all for it. But when Al-Anabi entered American drag racing, I had mixed feelings. This was beyond “big money”; this was “cubic dollars”, as close to unlimited funding as you can get and that just didn’t sit right with me. I collect drag racing diecast and for me to pay $100 for one item probably set me back more than those guys buying a full size Ferrari or Lamborghini.

  27. Wes

    Political, social, and economic undertones aside, doesn’t this whole ordeal remind everyone of a certain “high-octane” individual that “sponsored” cars in a wide variety of classes, “sponsored” categories and events with racing organizations, provided naming rights at race tracks, and then left everyone involved high and dry in the wake of his misdealing? You think the racing would would have learned a lesson. Proves that money can do very, very strange things to the people most addicted to it…racers.

  28. Doug Gregory

    Wow…..haven’t seen a topic on here get so much emotion in a good while. Now tell us how you really feel. Hate to see people having to struggle for sponsorship or jobs at the onset of a season, but its not like most of us didn’t see something like this coming. Lots of deals gone sour, cut short, or promised funding not materializing. They don’t need to adhere to deals with us – as per their law which it seems even the American judicial system appears to acknowledge and follow.

  29. Clarence Sifton

    It would be interesting to hear when the smoke clears what happened to Larry Dixon and Del Worshem both Nhra Top Fuel World Champions that caused there sudden departure from such a well funded team. Both good experienced whole package drivers that suddenly were relieved of the seats?

  30. Mike

    Its a shame to see the blaten disrespect to an entire race of people that were huge drag race fans and just wanted to have fun. Eveyone is ok with Winston or Budweiser plunking down tons of cash in racing sponsorship with proceeds earned from killing millions with cancer or drunk driving but a Middle East country trying to do the right thing in a very turbulant part of the world and eveyone goes nuts! Al Anabi was a self sponsored drag racing team that had the right to stop anytime they felt like it. How many NFL contracts get played out till the end? Do we bash all americans because of it? KH spent crap loads of money on US drag racing and many, many people benefited from it. Maybe the amount of hatred and disrespect or nobody saying thank you is why they bailed out? We are a sad, racist violent nation! We hate a president because he is black and an entire race of people based on actions of a small group of extremists! Read the first testiment of the bible and tell me it wasnt any more violent than the koran! BTW, Qatar sells natural gas, not oil ! Nothing lasts forever and i would like to thank them for supporting my favorite sport!

  31. JnAZ

    So some rich kid decides he want’s to pull a Force and buy up the best he can and play awile…. he’s bored, he’s moving on. Really no different than some rap star courting around his “entourage” Got to say, he did some pretty cool s##t that most of us only dream about. Was it “dirty money” in the NHRA? Probably not nearly as dirty as Mike Ashley/Lend America, and Evan Knoll/Skull Shine….. fwiw, and it isn’t much….. NHRA national events suck! 10.5, 8.5 drag radial has lured me away. I enjoy a good race…. not so much a good show where some bucktooth brigade is trying to convince me that since car “A” took a dive so car “B” could win the race….. it’s GREAT!! I’ve moved on.

  32. Dale Epp

    Not surprising.

    Ah yes…all those drag racing infidels were so entertaining, however the Qatari Royal Family finally realized they can’t have it both ways.
    I mean come on…..Brandon Bernstein was Team Manager for the Al Anabi USA top fuel team. Could he be more Jewish? This is the kind of stuff that pisses off Allah! (apparently)

    Take a closer look at what the Koran says about what “normal” Muslim’s relationships with the infidels looks like: (did someone say ISIS ?)

    Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them(2:191)
    Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood (9:123)
    When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them (9:5)
    Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29)
    Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85)
    The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them (9:30)
    Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam. (5:33)
    The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque (9:28)
    Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies
    Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them (47:4)
    The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them (8:65)
    Muslims must not take the infidels as friends (3:28)
    Terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12)
    Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorise the infidels (8:60)
    The Koran certainly proclaims that when the time is appropriate, Muslims must use force to convert the unbelievers to Islam. For the non-Muslims, the alternative to this is to pay the humiliating protection money (Jizya tax) or be killed (by beheading, of course). A militarily dominant Islam, without doubt, precludes the peaceful co-existence with the unbelievers if the Muslims have to abide strictly by the unalterable stipulations of the Koran.

    This is why we see very few “moderate” Muslims coming out and speaking against the violence. There is so much overwhelming evidence stacked against them. They are not able to be “moderate” because of the fundamental belief’s of Islam.

    This is the world we live in – in 2015 – and it just affected the drag racing world too.


      What do you think of Alan Johnson,Reher-Morrison,Pat Musi,Sonny Leonard, Shannon Jenkins, et al now?

      They made their beds.
      Others lose their heads.

  33. rodzilla

    I am guessing (hoping?) that it will not be long before another sponsor is found. As with the Force team, a successful competitor will attract other backers.

  34. Mike Bradford

    Everybody jumped on this money barge when it set sail, and good for them. The golden egg laying goose moved on, just like it did a while back with Evan Knowl’s $$$$$ The smart folks should have a plan “B” ready to turn on.

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