Bruce Larson’s USA-1 DragFest 2017 Coverage: Wall To Wall Race Cars Celebrate Drag Racing History

Bruce Larson’s USA-1 DragFest 2017 Coverage: Wall To Wall Race Cars Celebrate Drag Racing History

(Words and photos by Joe Grippo) – The official end to the racing season out here in Pennsylvania happens on the second Saturday each November, that is when former NHRA Funny Car Champion Bruce Larson hosts his annual DragFest at his Stoney Creek barn outside of Harrisburg. The DragFest is part open house, part informal car show, part bench racing session and all fun. The 2017 edition caught some nice, sunny but chilly autumn weather and folks came out strong for one last day of car related goodness. Former NHRA announcer Bob Frey was in town and played MC for a charity raffle and did some neat interviews. There was a small vendor area where you could pick up some vintage photos or some collectibles. Outside, parked in every crevice of Larson’s property were Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Street Machines, real nice, quality stuff. And, of course, Drag Cars. This gallery will focus on those.

Some favorites were the vintage Gassers in attendance, check out the Drag Addict Chevy coupe and that cool Henty J with the circus wheels. Ida Automotive’s absolutely killer supercharged 4 door Willys, a re-creation of one of Rod Ida’s early race cars. Dragster fans were dazzled by a variety of front motored cars like Brian Beattie’s dead nuts resto of Jim and Allison Lee’s Great Expectations II and a few Flathead urged diggers. I lingered around the Hilborn injected Y-block powered Lynwood Welding rail so long I thought the owner was going to call the cops. What a killer piece.

Funny Car fanatics found themselves flabbergasted by the Rapid Roy Harris “Bud Man” Arrow roller, resplendent in its original paint and bitchin’ lettering and graphics. Please don’t change it! Another surprise was seeing the Concourse winning Maynard Rupp “Chevoom” fiberglass bodied, mid-engine, Cragar SS shod Chevelle fresh from the rest shop of Greg Cook. Photos don’t do it justice, it is a stunner in person. Not to bury the lead but Bruce Larson shop is in the basement of his barn and it is opened for all to walk through. Check out his current USA-1  ’70 Camaro Nitro burner, vintage tools and equipment and current and used-up parts are inter-mix with a life time of drag racing artifacts throughout the shop and storage areas. It’s an honor to be able to check it freely. And yeah, that’s me geeking out next to one of my all-time favorite floppers Bruce’s TMI Corvette. We’ll be back later with more from outside the barn.


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10 thoughts on “Bruce Larson’s USA-1 DragFest 2017 Coverage: Wall To Wall Race Cars Celebrate Drag Racing History

  1. Greg Cook

    I restored the CHEVOOM car. It is all fiberglass, NOT a steel body as stated…

    Nice pics, BTW….:-)

  2. George Scherer

    Hello my name is George Scherer and I need to get in contact Rick or Cheryl Dondero. Years ago I worked at his local auto parts well one day the manager had me and a couple moved the concert parking lot stops well I had one slip and landed on my foot so I became disabled. OooWell I owned a 1969 AMC AMX but it had engine problem a brand new motor but one of the piston pins was bad. I sold it to Ken with the understanding I would be able to buy it back for the 15 hundred + the cost of his repair now It was my first car I think I have the original bill of sale. So if someone could pass on my information to Ken Don Son or Daughter Rick of Cheryl I’d love to buy back my car if still in the family. Ken knew how much I loved that car and why I agreed to be able to buy it back. Well I lost touch and couldn’t find out where he was after he closed his Goodyear Dealer in Costa Mesa now unfortunately this very understanding kind man helped me out in the darkest times now I find out he passed away I know how hard it is to loose a father who loved to make others feel good.

  3. jerry z

    I have always wanted to go to this show but never made it out there. This year it’s on my calender!

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