Want To Build The Coolest Small Block Ford You Can? Buy This Gurney-Weslake Top End Package – Vintage Power!

Want To Build The Coolest Small Block Ford You Can? Buy This Gurney-Weslake Top End Package – Vintage Power!

We know, we know. Modern heads make more power. Modern heads move more air. Modern heads have decades and decades of development behind them. All thats fine but there ain’t a modern head that will make your stuff look as cool as having a Gurney-Westlake unit on top of your small block Ford, and frankly these things will make power. There are loads of guys out there who have made 450-500hp with these cylinder heads and depending on what you are driving around in, that’s a freaking blast.

For their day, there was not a better head you could stick on the small block Ford engine. These were sorted out at the race track and refined over the years. We’re pretty sure these are the MkIV generation of heads as they have the dual plane intake manifold with them and they say GURNEY EAGLE on the valve covers. Tough to find, espeically in the claimed never run condition that these are in, the want level has to be high for Ford enthusiasts.

There were downsides to these and the fact that they were made 50+ years ago when casting technology was not as good as it is today can be troublesome. There were cracking issues with some Gurney-Weslake heads but as best we can tell those were mostly on engines being driven hard in competition.

The downside of this sale is that there is no valve train parts with the heads. We’re not familiar enough with these pieces to know if they need specific parts and pieces in terms of rocker arms and stuff but we’d be willing to bet that the Jesel’s of the world, the COMP Cams of the world or another manufacturer could help you with that problem lickety-split.

Neat hunks of aluminum that would make your Ford the belle of the hot rodding ball at any car show or cruise night!

eBay: Gurney-Weslake small block Ford top end package 

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4 thoughts on “Want To Build The Coolest Small Block Ford You Can? Buy This Gurney-Weslake Top End Package – Vintage Power!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Seeing you’d need all the top end gear and probably switch to throttle bodies instead of the 4 barrel manifold it would be better to buy a whole Mustang for that sort of money. But there’s no harm in dreaming!

  2. oldmaninamercury

    10k to be able to put ob a shelf and say I have it because I cant get valve train … pass

  3. HotRodPop

    All y’all haters are just broke dicks! So am I! But if I had them deep pockets and a ’66 ‘Stang toy, how much cooler could it be to pop that hood to this! Just ’cause it is stupid expensive doesn’t mean it ain’t cool! You could source all the bits from the aftermarket, button it up, and ROCK! Don’t ever loose the ability to dream! If you do, just go out in back and pull the dirt up over yer face and leave the rest of us to live in “What If…” land!

  4. Gary D

    I suspect that someone will ultimately pay to acquire this set up as it is original vintage. They are cool, I wonder why someone would not acquire the rights to the names here and have these duplicated (in the USA of course) and market them. Probably not a huge market, but there are a lot of early Mustangs and small block Ford powered hot rods that are looking to be different for a reasonable price.

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