Buy A Ready To Run Top Fuel Sand Dragster For Only $35,000!

Buy A Ready To Run Top Fuel Sand Dragster For Only $35,000!

I have done a lot of racing, but sand drags is one I’ve never tried. I think it would be fun as hell though, especially in something like this! A full fledged Top Fuel Sand Dragster complete and ready to run with spares. Did you see the giant paddle tires on the back of this bastard? I’m told they leave about as hard as a traditional drag car does on concrete! Well if you want to run something in the quickest and fastest class of them all, then Top Fuel is for you. They reach 160+ mph in just 300 feet which is amazing on sand.

This particular example has 512 cubic inches of KB Hemi, with dual mags, a 14-71 blower, and all the good stuff.

Here is the info from the seller: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AD AND CONTACT THE SELLER

512 Kieth Black Hemi – Duel Mallory mags – 1471 mooneyham blower – tall knute injector – stage 5 rockers – all new titanium valves – Chrisman 10.5 rear end with carbon fiber brakes – AFT 4 disc clutch – Cragar beadlock wheels with Slat Track double Kevlar paddles ( never been run ) – comes with starter and ( Miersch Battery Pack ) charger and cables – extra rods – bearings – wheels . Ready to race .

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3 thoughts on “Buy A Ready To Run Top Fuel Sand Dragster For Only $35,000!

  1. MGBChuck

    Fellow BangShifters, someone needs to start a GoFundMe acct. ASAP—–Send Chad to the SAND—this needs to be the official race car of BangShift !!!

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