On The Farm and In The Shop: Catching Up With Matt Hagan and Scott Palmer

On The Farm and In The Shop: Catching Up With Matt Hagan and Scott Palmer

As everyone and their brother has a different way that they are getting through this time of no racing it’s interesting to catch up with the people in the sport to see what they’re up to. I took the opportunity last week to  spend some time via Skype with Matt Hagan and Scott Palmer. These are two very different guys but two that I respect in the sport for there drive, determination, and talent. I think after seeing these interviews you’ll respect them outside of the sport as well. Both of these guys are hustlers and hard workers.

Matt Hagan is a farmer and a diversified one at that. He has a cattle operation, he grows crops, and he also has a successful Hemp farm that’s the newest and most expansive part of his business. Hagan’s an interesting cat because he is not only one of the best funny car drivers of all time, he’s also a guy who has about as deep a passion for his farming and business as he does for nitromethane fueled competition. His insight here and honesty about his feelings of missing the sport are cool. I dig the straight take he gives in this interview.

Scott Palmer is a nitromethane fueled working man’s hero. This dude clawed his way up the drag racing ranks and has become a legit threat to win in top fuel. Palmer is also highly driven and motivated in drag racing. He has his top fuel car, he runs drag boats with Tommy Thompson, he has his nitro powered Stude and a matching nitro powered Chevelle, he’s working with a Mid-West Pro Mod Series team, and the list goes on and on and on. He’s also chomping at the bit to get back and this is a fun conversation.


Check out these interviews with both Matt Hagan and Scott Palmer below!

Matt Hagan Interview

“That’s really what’s important… I love racing but love growing our business and making sure our people are staying strong and taken care of.” Brian Lohnes caught up with Matt Hagan as he keeps things rolling on the farm. #NHRAStudio presented by Dodge

Posted by NHRA on Friday, April 17, 2020

Scott Palmer Interview

When the 2020 season returns, Scott Palmer Racing’s schedule is going to be a busy one. Brian Lohnes checked in with Scott to talk all things racing and preparation. #NHRAStudio presented by Universal Technical Institute

Posted by NHRA on Monday, April 20, 2020


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