Challenger Versus Helicopter In A Down-And-Back Race! Place Your Bets!

Challenger Versus Helicopter In A Down-And-Back Race! Place Your Bets!

During my time working with helicopters, I knew a bunch of genuinely insane pilots. I do mean “insane” in the best way possible…some were jokers that loved to screw with the ground crews a little, some loved hearing the shriek of a first-time helicopter passenger’s reaction to a full autorotation, and some…well, I was in the Army. Let’s leave some examples of insanity out of discussion, and live with the fact that there was no lack of courage among any of the men and women who flew the little OH-58D Kiowas I worked on. I would’ve loved to have pulled a stunt like this…would’ve never, ever happened, not in a million years, but I promise that I would’ve put in a better showing. Just saying.

Yelp all you want about the Dodge Challenger being too heavy or that it doesn’t handle like a Mustang or Camaro. Real humans fit in the Challenger and it’s perfectly competent in ride and drive. You want to carve corners with precision, you don’t get a Mustang GT, you get a freaking Lotus. In a down and back race, I’d happily take a Challenger SRT for the task. But paring it up against a MD500 helicopter? That happy hopping easter egg is the darling of SpecOps units for a reason: it’s fast, it’s nimble, and it’s tougher than nails. Did I mention “fast and nimble”? This wasn’t a fair fight on the best of terms…but when you get the chance to do something like this, you just do it. Don’t ask questions. You, get in the car and you, get in the whirlybird, and get ready for the countdown…

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3 thoughts on “Challenger Versus Helicopter In A Down-And-Back Race! Place Your Bets!

  1. Raymond

    Cool video and love Mopars but that Challenger ain’t no 3600 lbs we Mopar guys can only wish!!

  2. Pete231

    The mil-spec version of the MD-500 was the OH-6A, better known as the Loach (LOH) or the “Egg With A Pencil Up Its Ass”…………..

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