Classic YouTube: The Story Of The “Injecticide” 1955 Chevrolet Gasser

Classic YouTube: The Story Of The “Injecticide” 1955 Chevrolet Gasser

This 1955 Chevrolet has been around the block more than a time or two…that rear hub setup alone is something that I’ve seen in magazines that pre-date my entire existence on this planet. I’ve seen many…MANY Gasser-style 1955 Chevrolets, long before my time here, but I have only seen ONE car with that hub setup. And I’m all but certain that it’s been the same car for decades. You can prove me wrong, be my guest, but this is a real-deal machine, readers. This is a car that’s been cranking out work through the early 1970s, and is now in a slight state of retirement. The blower is gone, the horsepower has been dropped down to a streetable level, and instead of instilling terror in the other guy’s mind, it’s now hauling around the grandkids on sunny days.

The amazing thing about Pete Gentile and the “Injecticide” Chevrolet is the history. It’s a car that’s been around for decades, barely changing in scope. It’s evolved a bit, sure. It’s a bit more mellow than it was back in it’s racing days, yes. But the history is still there, for others to enjoy. Most race cars get used, abused, and sent on their way, usually to the scrapper or the ‘yard. This one has become something else entirely, a keepsake.

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2 thoughts on “Classic YouTube: The Story Of The “Injecticide” 1955 Chevrolet Gasser

  1. Jordan

    How do I meet this guy? Love his passion and historic story. True pioneers of modern performance. I am truly thankful for his efforts.

  2. Jordan

    I’m a local Detroit guy with a 55 Chevy Wagon – I aspire to be this cool – would love to meet up at a local car show and share good times with good friends and family. Cheers!

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