Cool AND Creepy? Yeah, This 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban Station Wagon Is Both

Cool AND Creepy? Yeah, This 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban Station Wagon Is Both

No, we don’t mean windowless van type of creepy, this is more like Steven King novel creepy. You are looking at an obscenely rare 1960 Plymouth deluxe Suburban station wagon, one of a handful made in the 1960 model year. There’s something totally awesome about two door wagons, especially full size models.

This car being a 1960 model has the interesting Virgil Exner styling that includes the big rear fins, the “floating” headlights, the front coves, and the oblongish steering wheel. The engine is a 318ci Polyspheric V8 and it is hooked to a three on the tree shifted manual transmission. There’s more than 50 years of patina on this thing and that is why it looks like something straight off the set of a horror movie.

It was apparently the last owner who painted the coves and the roof to give the patina a more dramatic appearance or for some other reason but we have no idea what the heck it is. The interior is in great shape and the car has had maintenance work done recently like the replacement of the exhaust and other stuff to make sure it is roadworthy.

One of the things that always strikes us about these early 1960s cars is how far inboard the tires are from the outside of the body. They all did this and it contributed to the horrid handling of the cars in “performance” driving situations. That combined with their weight, softly sprung nature, tiny tires, inadequate brakes, and…well you get the picture.

The asking price here is just under $35,000. The wagon is very rare and the ad claims that only a handful are known to exist still. That being said…is it worth this money?

eBay: This 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban station wagon is awesome and creepy

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11 thoughts on “Cool AND Creepy? Yeah, This 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban Station Wagon Is Both

        1. jerry z

          For once I agree with CHMG. Paint the roof and cove but leave the rest like shit, just stupid.

  1. Gavin

    So cool and so rare! I’m drawn to it, yet I’m also repelled by it at the same time! Chrysler styling at this time didn’t hold back. If this type of vehicle made it to production, just think about what must have been left on the drawing board as too wacky, even for Virgil. Price certainly seems optimistic, but the market will decide where the dollar falls for this one. I’d love to see it on the road and someone enjoying it, and they’d get a “thumbs up” from me, but to own it? No thanks.

    1. Matt Cramer

      Look up the 1960 Plymouth XNR for one of the “too wacky to be released” Virgil Exner designs – it looks like a cross between the 1960s Batmobile and the Orbitron.

      This wagon is definitely a bit spooky, but for $30,000, I’d rather have one restored to shiny new condition. The rust does enhance its creepy vibe, but the main appeal of a rusty beater is that you don’t have to care. And that’s at a “you have to care” price tag.

  2. RK - no relation

    Sure, the rusty surface trend is beyond stupid by now. If this is so rare, somebody needs to get it for a sensible price and restore it properly. For this price you can pick up a really nice car in a lot of places

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