Classic YouTube: Toyota-Swapped Chrysler PT Cruiser On The Chip

Classic YouTube: Toyota-Swapped Chrysler PT Cruiser On The Chip

Wait one freaking minute. Just wait. I know what a Chrysler PT Cruiser is all about…it’s a Neon that went fancy, fashionable and most nauseating, retro. They sold by the ton when they appeared because they were cute. Dealers were marking them up badly because people were paying for them. Chrysler really nailed a niche market with what, for all intents and purposes, should have remained a concept car. And if you’ve had the misfortune of working on one of these front-drive bastardizations, you know just how much of a pain that retro bodywork made simple tasks. No joke, after being asked if I’d do a water pump replacement on a PT Cruiser, I told a good friend of mine that I’d see them in Hell first.

So, that leaves me with one major question: just where in the hell did a Toyota V8 get shoved into? Is it sitting in the back, behind the front seats? Because that’s about the only way I can see this rear-drive conversion ever happening. A 1UZ should be bulging out of that super-fashionable retro front clip at all angles. Instead, the PT rolls into the burnout box just fine, rips off an ear-splitting burnout, then proceeds to bark gears all the way down the strip at Meremere Dragway in New Zealand.

In other news, dogs meow, cats bark and the sky is an interesting shade of purple. Yikes.

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5 thoughts on “Classic YouTube: Toyota-Swapped Chrysler PT Cruiser On The Chip

  1. ram50boosted

    very interesting watching a rear drive p.t. cruiser race, equally impressive is when the cars get to approx 3/4 track all we can see is grass. great video.

  2. Whelk

    My mother had one of these. Perfectly adequate grocery getter. I’ve seen pictures of these with 3rd gen hemis stiffed into them.

  3. Michael Schwartz

    I thought that it must have been imported there, until I read that the PT Cruiser was sold in NZ and many other countries. Seeing a RHD version would be weird for me.

  4. A.MM.

    One thing, of many, which really irks me to no end is the stupid ass people out there that cannot Record a clip for 20+ seconds of footage without either moving in the opposite direction of what they should be filming or like the jerk off we are watching now. Case closed. Asshole


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