Need Serious Pushrods For Your LS Engine? COMP Cams XD-ATM Adjustable Pushrods Are The Ticket

Need Serious Pushrods For Your LS Engine? COMP Cams XD-ATM Adjustable Pushrods Are The Ticket

If there is one critical area to concentrate your efforts on when building a serious mill, it is in the valve train. The more control you have over that aspect of your engine the more power you will make, the more reliability you will experience, and the more consistency you’ll see on the track as well. Creating a stable and strong valve train gets more and more difficult as the demands on the parts themselves rise. For example if you are running a big RPM engine with a solid roller camshaft, that’s about as tough as it gets. Thankfully companies like COMP come to the rescue.

Their XD-ATM adjustable pushrods are not only 90% stiffer than stock pushrods but they are also capable of being adjusted with shims so that you can literally tailor your valve train to be exactly what you need it to be. Pair these pieces with lightweight rockers and you’ll be loving life at those high RPM reaches.

Here’s the full story from COMP Cams –

COMP Cams® XD-ATM Adjustable Pushrods Reduce Weight, Improve Accuracy

Memphis, TN –Proven to 9,000-plus RPM in solid roller LS applications, the system provides a 90-percent increase in bending stiffness for enhanced valve train stability. It also allows for lightening of a rocker arm system by 30-plus grams on the backside, by removing the adjuster and required support area for threads and seating. The use of lighter rockers (such as the COMP Cams® SPRTM Radius Tip Rocker Arms) with XD-ATM Adjustable Pushrods allows higher RPM to be achieved by creating a much more dynamically stable valve train system.

The pushrods are designed especially for engines with low-mass rocker arms and a light valve train, with drop-in fitment in LS engines. They can be adjusted over a range of .172″ in .004″ increments with shims, sold in sets of 16 by thickness or as a 240-piece set containing all available thickness options. Top sections are available in 0/200″ increments for coarse adjustment. The pushrods work with hydraulic and solid roller camshafts.

About COMP Cams®

Founded in 1976 and based in Memphis, TN, COMP Cams® has become the automotive performance aftermarket’s “Absolute Leader in Valve Train Technology.” Our mission is to produce the highest-performing products possible, provide superior customer service and lead the industry in technological development. Additional information about COMP Cams® and its products can be found at or by calling 1.800.999.0853. You can also visit us on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram ( and YouTube (


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