Cool Video: Watch The Diesel Powered Ram Mini-Wheat Truck Hook And Launch At Lights Out 7

Cool Video: Watch The Diesel Powered Ram Mini-Wheat Truck Hook And Launch At Lights Out 7

It wasn’t all big blocks and turbos at Lights Out 7. There were plenty of small block cars, a couple of six bangers, and even a rotary machine as well. The real knockout for us was the fact that there was not one but rather TWO diesel powered entires at the race! Neither were qualified at the tops of their respective field but both ran really strong and frankly we can remember the days when people laughed off turbocharged pro mods so let’s just say that diesel power will someday have a place in this racing. It won’t be the preferred power source, but it is coming. Slowly but surely!

The truck we’re talking about here is the Mini-Wheat Dodge Ram which is Cummins powered and makes some 1,450hp and 2,000 lb-ft of torque at the tires. The truck ran deep into the five second zone at over 130mph during its time at Lights Out 7 and from watching the live feed we can tell you that this machine and a Duramax powered Chevy Colorado were definitely fan favorites. People dig stuff that is different and these trucks certainly were. We know they likely consumed the least amount of fuel for any racing vehicle during the weekend, that is for sure.

The point of this video isn’t so much the engine but rather the rear suspension. Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Vari-shocks are out back along with Mickey Thompson radials and a Ford 9″ style rear with a four link anchoring the whole deal. What’s cool to see is how the tires react to the initial blast of torque and then how the shocks literally drive those tires down into the pavement. We hear guys talk about getting “separation” in radial cars and that is literally watching the body rise and separate from the tire as it goes down the track. You can see it happen in slow motion here and it is fun!

Those shocks and tires are the hardest working pieces on show business!

Press play below to see the Mini-Wheat diesel powered truck rip at Lights Out 7

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