A Year In Photos: David Whealon’s Favorite 2018 Images (Part 2)

A Year In Photos: David Whealon’s Favorite 2018 Images (Part 2)

(Photos by David Whealon) – We’re back with more images from the lens of David Whealon. This guy stalked the Southeast like a photographic jungle cat last year blasting images of NHRA drag racing, tractor pulling, mud bogging, and road racing, among other activities. Because he was so busy and because he hammered out such a large volume of photos, he sent us a laundry list of images to spare. We’re breaking them up in easy to absorb bites because we know that just because you are back at work after the holidays, you don’t really want to be. Allow us help you escape, if only for a few minutes.

This gallery starts at the drags but moves quickly to the mud and the dirt. It is horsepower in many, many forms here. One thing that each of the varied motorsports you’ll see here share in common is a clearly the enjoyment of having nice looking equipment. Drag racers, tractor pullers, and even mud bloggers (ironically) seem to really pour on the coals when it comes to making their junk shine and show out well, even when it is sitting still.

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