Drag Strip For Sale! Buy Great River Road Raceway In Tennessee And Revive This Track

Drag Strip For Sale! Buy Great River Road Raceway In Tennessee And Revive This Track

Great River Road Raceway in Dyersburg, Tennessee may not be a place that the NHRA, IHRA, or PDRA tours will ever visit but it looks like it has the bones of a great little hometown drag strip and it needs a new owner. While we do now know when the place opened specifically, it looks like racing last took place there a couple of years ago. It is an eighth mile strip located about 1.5 hours northwest of Memphis, effectively in the middle of not much. There is lighting, a tower, and we have no idea what there is past that.

The price on the CL ad is $1.00 but we suspect that the sellers are looking for a few more sheckels than that. For those of you that think there aren’t enough stands and there isn’t enough flash and dash to keep a place like this running, you are wrong. The sport of drag racing exists largely at places like Great River Road. The huge palaces you see on TV are the aberration not the norm. The real story is told by places like this that help to feed families, put kids through college, and operate as small family businesses. (Lohnes voice switch!) I say that because I have met some of these people. Guys like Danny Hux at Cedar Creek who have been there making it happen for decades at tracks that are not about flash and dash but about giving people a place to race and a place to get their careers started.

In a dream world that I had a pile of money, I’d gladly buy this place and make a go of it. The road would not be easy but at the end of the day if you could make it work, it would rule all. Want into the drag strip business? We’ve got the place for you!


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14 thoughts on “Drag Strip For Sale! Buy Great River Road Raceway In Tennessee And Revive This Track

  1. Caleb Gilmore

    We live a couple miles away from this strip. I’ve been here 10 years and we haven’t made it over to watch any of the racing but I’ve heard it is pretty good. There is a dirt track for dirtbikes right next to it too. Only downside is if the river floods over the levees the track will flood too. I’ve seen water up to the roofs on the buildings and the ice freezer from the track circling a whirlpool for several days over by the interstate.

    1. Jon

      That much water has only happened twice in history of track that I am aware of. Yes it does take on backwater from Mississippi River during flood seasons but not that often. Track was very strong in cars until first owner retired out and second owner was a crook and failed to pay racers. Have track a bad name from that point on til it closed cause owners after that were shady as well. Lived here all my life and the track hooks really good. Please someone hi e us a place to race. Very good potitial for someone who wants to run a honest track. It’s location draws cars from Arkansas, Missouri,as well as Tennessee due to it closeness to the river bridge.

  2. Richard Cornell

    What is the actual asking price and what are the taxes a month and any other fees a month.

  3. David

    I’ve been here numerous times, live about 20-30 minutes away. All of my cars hooked great here. They ran test and tune on Friday nights and bracket racing on Saturdays. Friday nights were great and I’ve seen the track stay open to early hours in the morning on a packed night and no one wanted to leave. In picture 3 you can see dirt and lights behind the track. It was a dirt bike track, I had several buddies race there also! Advertised as 24 acres, it must include the dirt bike track also! I’d love to see someone open this track back up and put it to good use!

  4. Brian Woodard

    Hey I’m Brian Woodard I race dirt track and love every type of racing! I would love for this place to be open again but just wanted to say whoever buys it needs to build a dirttrack as well for race cars and I think it would be a big hit considering there was a dirttrack there before and was really big and made tons of money just an idea but I think it would help the town of dyersburg as well as the business around like local hotels and food places, but if you have any questions I’m looking into building a race shop on 51!

  5. Brian Rowe

    Can this be extended to a 1/4 mile track??
    Anyone know the monthly costs and taxes.
    Anything that clearly outlines what your purchase includes??

  6. Craig

    I’ve raced here many many times, really a great track. The main downfall is at the end of the track is farm land (no room to expand without talking with the farmer. I agree a dirt track would be pretty awesome. Could be a huge hit if someone had some money to back it, especially since jackson closed down.

  7. cameron

    I really think some should buy the place. I used to go there every year and race Jr dragster with my grand dad. I know a lot about that place. It use to get live down there on friday and Saturday night be there till 1 or 2 in the morning. Good little place for everybody to get together and line em up. If someone does bit the place I would like to know so.I could go Down there

  8. Les Meter

    We are very interested in buying this race track , but I need all racers to give me feed back on what you think we need there to get a good track going again. I myself and my son are also racers and have been for 30 + years and would love to have all racers feedback on this before I would even consider buying this track. Please give me your honest opinions on this track and if you racers would come back here if we reopened it . Thank you for your time .

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