Awesome In-Car Footage Of A Blown Hot Rod Taking On A ’55 Chevy At The Nostalgia Drags

Awesome In-Car Footage Of A Blown Hot Rod Taking On A ’55 Chevy At The Nostalgia Drags

This is one of the most bitchin’ drag videos we’ve seen in some time. The footage was taken at the Kontinentals Day of the Drags in 2007. Day of the Drags is an event that Charles Wickam has been covering for us every year and it is a fantastic gathering of old school drag cars and hot rods battling it out on the strip at Little River Dragway in Texas.

This particular video shows a great little Ford hot rod powered by a blown Chevy small block that’s backed by a four speed manual transmission. The driver pulls to the line and waits for a challenger. That combatant shows up in the form of a nice blue ’55 Chevy. The camera angle and audio are bad ass here. We’re able to see an awesome see-saw battle back and forth down the strip as both cars vie for the lead. Anyone who has ever been in a door handle to door handle drag race at the strip can relate to how awesome it is, especially if you come out on the winning side.

The dude in the ‘rod does a good job hammering the gears…but does he have enough gusto to get to the finish ahead of the ’55 Chevy? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Thanks to Caveman Tony for the tip!


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12 thoughts on “Awesome In-Car Footage Of A Blown Hot Rod Taking On A ’55 Chevy At The Nostalgia Drags

  1. Ford police dept.

    12 sec 1/4 mile run. Good example of how much time you lose granny shifting. The 55 must of had a problem of some sort to drop back so quickly. Nah, must be great granny shifting, cause my granny can do better that that. Still cool though.

  2. 6POINT6

    You miss a shift and you lose, seen it a million times when people try to force the shifter. My guess is he knows his car and tranny well and found the most reliable way to shift it. Cool video for sure.

  3. jeff yocum

    The little Model A has a blown small block and runs 10s with a traditional 4 speed. Pretty well known in the Austin area.

  4. Curtis

    Great Video! My guess is that this is Little River Dragway or what used to be called Temple Academy Raceway in Temple, Texas. Been there many times back in the mid 80’s and I was pleased to hear it was still going strong right before the pandemic hit. Hopefully they are still at it. Great track with beautiful surroundings.

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