Drag Week 2014: Action And Pit Photos From Thunder Valley Raceway In Noble, Oklahoma

Drag Week 2014: Action And Pit Photos From Thunder Valley Raceway In Noble, Oklahoma

(Photos by Brad Klaassen) –  It has been an insane week, so insane that I am working on a combined total of about eight hours of sleep since Monday. I’m not sure where I am or who I am but I am damned sure that Hot Rod Drag Week 2014 has been the most mind-blowingly insane thing I have ever been a part of. Things really got wild at Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble, Oklahoma on Wednesday when we rolled into the cool track, had about 2,000 (literally) spectators show up to watch and had a finish to the day that will live forever in the annals of Drag Week history. Oh, and sorry for being a day late with these babies as I was face first into my keyboard the other day and I am currently digging out of that hole.

The incredible finish to the day at Thunder Valley will also be featured in a video that we’ll run later today but it went down as follows. Larry and Chad got hung up in Topeka, Kansas and when weather was rolling in, they were literally stuck there for the night, forced to leave early and make the 230 mile drive with enough time to spare to get the truck properly prepared for racing action. The guys have a system to convert the truck over to “race mode” where they swap the doors, swap the radiator out, change the shocks, tires, etc. They rolled into the track with about 25 minutes before we closed the lanes, made it in with one minute, came up as the last car to go down for the day, and staged the truck. He got up on the chip, started to spool the turbos and the place was going nuts. Larry went to launch and the truck had other ideas. It popped and rolled slowly down the track. The men had been up for about 24 hours at that point and it was clearly a blow to their effort but the fact that they actually made it on the track was incredible. More on this story later.


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Drag Week 2014 Day 3 @ TVRP Raw 056

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