Drink This Up: All-Motor FWD Honda Running Eights

Drink This Up: All-Motor FWD Honda Running Eights

What’s the meme? “Your Honda has 1.8 liters. My Mountain Dew has two.” It’s a good cheap laugh, and back in the day it carried a bit of weight, but now you have to watch yourself, because thanks to years of smack-talking, derision and advancements in technology, some of these little four-bangers that were often written off as a novelty act can now come back swinging a baseball bat. And we aren’t just talking street-hustlers who know how to play the “itty bitty city car” poker hand all day long for schlubs looking for an easy kill. No, look to the dragstrip instead.

Usually, when we see a hot K-engined Honda in full race trim, you’re looking for the turbocharger. Hondas love boost, what can we say? Well, let’s talk about this one for a second. No turbocharger, no supercharger, no nitrous. Just a bunch of nitromethane feeding the fire and a featherweight setup combine for a demonic little EG Civic that will whip out an eight-second lap at the drop of the lights. Sip on that.

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