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Classic YouTube: The Reason We All Sign Waivers At The Track!

Classic YouTube: The Reason We All Sign Waivers At The Track!

If you haven’t had the thrill of being close by when a supercharger decides enough is enough and pops, allow me to explain in no uncertain terms what the experience is like when it’s close: it triggers a reaction in me that I’ve only experienced in one other situation, usually when a loud blaring alarm is shrieking hard enough to wake the dead in a five-mile radius, shrieks from rockets are audible and impact and detonation noises are coming from the ill-aimed mortar teams. It’s that split-second shock combined with the shockwave from the explosion that catches you off guard and puts your flight-or-fight response into fully automatic mode. It’s events like that and other split-second, unpredictable events that have people at the gates asking you to sign waivers before you drive into the property.

I’m not a skilled enough mechanic to explain just why this thing packed up and pooped the bed during a tuning session. I’m just glad that I’m not old boy hovering in front of the engine when it let loose. It’s a damn good thing that the blower straps were tight, otherwise the front end of that hat would’ve bopped him right in the kisser.

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6 thoughts on “Classic YouTube: The Reason We All Sign Waivers At The Track!

  1. Ted

    I love it. The guy tuning the car is continuously checking EGTs with a handheld infrared. Studiously comparing #1-3-5 cylinders over and over again. After they bang the blower and the engine revs to the ‘moon’, he calmly walks back and checks the #1 EGT for one final time.

  2. Richard

    Can\’t believe no one was in driver seat very dangerous, think what would have happened if it came off the jack stands . Just Saying

  3. Cole trickle

    Just from watching that and having worked on injected nitro dragsters,that is one fucking LOOSE warm up procedure .Starting with the car appearing to be only on a jack at the rear no driver in the seat,some bloke messing around between the spinning tire and the back of the motor.And looked sounds like it goes lean and pops the blower?

  4. John Leake

    I saw that car multiple times at the Sacramento Drag Strip. Always a scary setup, rarely ran well. We could never figure out what the guy was up to other than a experimenter…. who blew up lots of stuff

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