eBay Find: This 1969 Blown Hemi Dart Pro Street Car Is Radical

eBay Find: This 1969 Blown Hemi Dart Pro Street Car Is Radical

We’ve always fallen on the side of pro street cars around here at BangShift and the classic big tire look has weathered many trendy storms over the years and keeps coming back strong. The latest threat to the pro street world is ironically the very sport that launched it in the first place, drag racing. Perhaps the last thing that really pushed the pro street look around was the explosion of pro touring and while that scene is still going strong, the fat tire drag race style cars have roared back into the lime light as well.

Today’s scene on the strip is increasingly dominated by stuff with little tires. Hell, some guys are of the mindset that a 275 tire is too big! That being said, more and more cars are being built with the rear wheel wells intact rather than replaced by massive tubs. We’re not saying we favor that style but it sure is happening. That being said, we cannot conceive of a day where a car like the 1969 Blown Hemi Dart won’t be considered totally awesome.

Just feast your eyes on this car. From the giant blown hemi in the front with its protruding carbs and bug catcher to the silver paint and double tail stripe, this thing is a looker of major league proportions and the seller claims that the engine is a 1,000hp hunk of anger.

The interior was done in a luxurious style (not exactly our taste) but the guy who had this built clearly wanted to be comfy in there. The custom center console is pretty sweet and while we’re not really into the alligator skin stuff we dig the high level of fit and finish that this car displays. Has it ever run down a drag strip? Probably not. Have most pro street cars run down a drag strip? Probably not.

There are elements of this car that are over the top but as a whole? We’re in love.


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3 thoughts on “eBay Find: This 1969 Blown Hemi Dart Pro Street Car Is Radical

  1. SSNOVA427

    Luxurious interior ? If you ever covered a hundred miles in a pro street car on a 95 degree day you`d know any luxury would be much appreciated.Think the equation is rotational mass X every bump in the road X sore ass squared.

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