Holley Releases EFI Pump Modules For Jeep CJ, GM G-Body (78-87) and C/K Trucks (73-87) – Neat Stuff

Holley Releases EFI Pump Modules For Jeep CJ, GM G-Body (78-87) and C/K Trucks (73-87) – Neat Stuff

One of the things that people need to figure out when they convert a carbureted engine over to EFI is the fuel pump. many solutions have been created for this over the last few years. Some people swap tanks, some people use an inline pump that is pulling out of the stock tank, some people put a fuel cell in the trunk and go from there, and the list goes on an on. Holley considered these options and came up with their own in the form of EFI Pump Modules that are designed for specific applications and that literally drop into the same spot where the factory pickup and sending unit go. These pumps generate 58psi of internally regulated fuel pressure and can support up to 550hp.

Going the extra mile, these modules are also compatible with the factory fuel gauges so not only do you get the factory fit and finish with no need to modify your stock tank, you also keep the function of your fuel gauge which is a good thing. You do not need to run a return line to the tank or anything, all of that stuff is handled internally. Hell, the factory lines on your car do not need to be altered at all. Wildly easy to use!

So if you are making the EFI switch, learn more about these Holley EFI Pump Modules below!

Here’s the full scoop from Holley about these new EFI Pump Modules!

Holley is pleased to announce the expansion of its already extensive line of EFI Pump Modules to include three new models – one for 1970-86 Jeep® CJs, one for 1978-87 GM G-Bodies, and one for 1973-87 GM C/K Series trucks. All three are capable of supporting up to 550 horsepower, and all make it simple to upgrade your carbureted fuel system to EFI. As direct replacement factory pick-ups and sending units, these modules come with a 255-pound-per-hour in-tank fuel pump and a HydraMat fuel reservoir, which keeps fuel available at the pickup and reduces starvation during cornering, acceleration, stopping, and anytime the tank is low.

Holley EFI Pump Modules don’t require a whole new tank or any fabrication or modifications to the one already in your vehicle. You can even retain the stock fuel hardline – all fuel return is handled right inside the tank. Fuel pressure is preset at 58psi and regulated internally, which eliminates the unnecessary added expense of an external pressure regulator. This module even includes a fuel-level sending unit pre-calibrated to work with the existing factory fuel gauge.

Learn more at the links!

•  Holley EFI Jeep® CJ Pump Modules
•  Holley EFI GM G-Body Pump Modules
•  Holley EFI GM C/K Series Pump Modules

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  1. Matt Cramer

    Is the Hydramat pick-up screen available on its own? The rest looks like a Walbro hose-clamped onto a stock sending unit (something I’ve done on my own projects before).

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