The EPA Is Actively Attacking The High Performance Aftermarket – WE NEED THE RPM ACT – IMPORTANT

The EPA Is Actively Attacking The High Performance Aftermarket – WE NEED THE RPM ACT – IMPORTANT

Just in case you think that the active and continued support that BangShift gives SEMA and very specifically The RPM Act is some sort of a waste of time, understand that at this moment, the United States EPA is actively attacking, fining, and causing what might be irreparable harm to the high performance aftermarket that you know and love.

Below is a website, an EPA website that shows the millions of dollars of judgements that have been levied on companies SINCE LAST YEAR. We have since learned that the EPA is on an aggressive plan of action investigating, fining, and perhaps destroying aftermarket companies that will continue through 2023. This is not a drill, this is not the boy crying wolf. This is it, guys and girls. This is where things can go one way or the other for this industry and we’re sure as hell not going to sit here and be quiet as the attacks ramp up.

NO, these are not just people making tuners for diesel trucks. This list will blow you away because you’ll see just how far and wide the program has gone so far. Giant industry names, familiar industry names, legacy industry names are all on here and are all now taking a financial burden from the government for selling parts and pieces that were never a problem in the past but have now seemingly become an income stream for EPA investigators through the levied fines.

We could rant for days on this but the actions of the EPA, the state of the industry, and what could come of all this literally speak for themselves. Read that first link and then for the love of God, click the second one and take the time to support The RPM Act which could help to drastically alter the strategy of the EPA and the direction this seems to be heading in. Please help!

Link: 2019 Clean Air Act Vehicle and Engine Enforcement Case Resolutions



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22 thoughts on “The EPA Is Actively Attacking The High Performance Aftermarket – WE NEED THE RPM ACT – IMPORTANT

  1. 140.6

    Wow, seems to be a lot of hits on Diesel companies.
    SEMA is a well oiled machine and can take the fight to the Gov.
    but this will require action from all enthusiasts.
    Thank you Bangshift for keeping readers aware.

  2. Scrub Hansen

    you people are trying to destroy the after market automotive industry for no good reason !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jack R Farris

    If the EPA wants to better America they should stop all those large ships coming in with Chinese goods from sweat shops. That is where most of the smog and crap that\’s messing up our atmosphere. Also shut down those stupid democrats in California are enacting laws that are doing no more than hurting our Americans.

    1. James Starks

      What about that ex-Democrat that currently runs the show? Make it political, A-hole, and you will get some political.

      1. James Starks

        Of course, NOTHING, anytime, anywhere, ever is your hero’s fault. He’s had 3 years, how come you don’t like the way that he is “fixing” it?

      2. You Have Trump Derangement Snydrome

        \”you will get some political\”…..Looks like all he got is some butt-hurt nonsense from an internet tough guy with the mentality of a 12 year old.

  4. Scott Liggett

    I read several of the judgements. It appears they are going after companies for two major compliance violations. Importing engines that have not been certified, especially ones that had fake certification tags. And, tuner companies that sells parts or tunes that will eliminate or defeat any factory emissions component.

    If you sell a tuner program that defeats the check engine light on a diesel so your truck can roll coal like an asshat, you deserve to get fined.

  5. nunwithagun

    Wheres Trump in all this , I was told we would get tired if winning , When are we going to win ?, I am still waiting . and wheres Trump at on the VA. Governor banning common hunting rifles and threatening to bring out the National guard . What happened to his promise to stop Abortion , Rain in the federal reserve and IRS , what happened to lower taxs, what happened to making Mexico pay for the \”Wall\” , and so on and so on , I guess thats what you get when you vote for the \”Lesser \” of two evils . I remember when Arnold Swarzenegger was running for CA,s Governor and told the Aftermarket Automotive industry that he would never sigh the C.A.R.B bill , guess what !!!

    1. Happy Motoring

      Remember all those other perfect presidents we had? The ones that did everything they promised? EVER? If all we got was not having to have Bill’s ball and chain as president for the past few years that would be “win” enough for me. But under this administration my business is stronger, more profitable. The economy is gang busters right now in our area. I have more money in my pockets due to his tax cuts and my bracket has been lowered. I see him working to make our trade deals like NAFTA better (even the Democrats had to finally admit it) I see him cutting tons of over reaching regulations on businesses and in the EPA (thank God) One of my personal favorites was pulling us out of that ridiculous Paris Climate Treaty sham. I see him nominating (and getting approved) conservative judges at a rate that’s rarely ever seen that will hopefully keep some common sense in this country’s courtrooms for decades. That being said I wish he would get to slashing some waste to start trimming the debt. I wish he would think before he speaks or posts to twitter (but he’s a New Yorker so that isn’t happening, LOL) And I could go on with other things I’d like to see happen that either haven’t yet or have started but just not as fast as I’d hoped. But again he’s not a perfect President but to me he’s a far better option than I’ve seen in quite a while from any party. Just the way I see it from my neck of the woods. Your results my vary. I hope God continues to bless this country…..

      1. David Sanborn

        The only promise I see being kept was tax breaks for the top 1%. And this “great economy” is great only for stock holders not the bottom 50% working multiple hourly jobs and treading water economically. I don’t see how the Paris Climate Agreement impact you personally either, though when I’m traveling abroad my European friends express sympathy for our anti-science POTUS.

        Re. debt – holy smokes it’s EXPLODING under your hero, WTF?

        At any rate, this is about EPA regs being enforced. If it wasn’t for the EPA we’d still have rivers that burn, choking smog and worse.

        Bangshift is the wrong venue for flying your political flag. Hopefully my comment & yours are deleted by moderators.

        1. Happy Motoring

          First sentence: False. I’m hardly in this mystical “1%” many on the left like to throw around. I’m just a working class guy like anybody else and I got a substantial tax break last year. Talking to my co-workers, my friends, and family they all did as well. So if you’re not seeing tax relief I don’t know what to tell you but your first statement is flat out wrong because I experienced it first hand. Second sentence: False. I work a regular 40 hour week in the automotive industry and have a side job dealing with autos as well. I have been busier at both jobs and have made more money over the past couple of years and that is just a fact. I’m not a savvy Wall Street type, just an average working class guy. The only stocks I own are through a measly 401K but the stock market has done pretty well under this administration which has also helped a ton of working class people with IRA’s and 401K’s There have been all sorts of reporting and studies on just how well the economy is going right now so it’s pretty common knowledge. Just recently even, look at how strong (and in many cases record breaking) Christmas sales were Next, if you think this Paris accord was a good thing or wouldn’t effect this country or it’s citizens in a harmful way then either you haven’t looked into it, are in denial, or have been brainwashed by the globalists and politicians pushing this man made climate change hoax. I mean with all seriousness read and study up on it. There is a huge amount of honest information that easily disproves this myth. It’s a complete sham. There’s nothing “anti science” about it as the eco-kool aid drinkers like to say. Also funny you mention your foreign friends. I also have friends (as well as customers) in Scotland, the UK, Finland, New Zealand, and Australia. Most of them I talk with on a very regular basis and very often world events and the economy/work gets brought up. Not a one of them buy into the climate change propaganda either so I guess there’s two sides to that coin, huh? Next sentence: First he’s not any “hero” of mine. The leftist in this county are the ones that make politics and environmentalism their religion and love to worship their leaders. To me he’s just a guy who was voted in to run the show for 4 or 8 years. He has many faults but he also has good things about him. Nothing more or nothing less. Like I said in my previous statement, I would like for the debt problem to be addressed but it seems like other than just a handful of fiscal conservatives, neither Democrats or Republicans have much stomach to try and tackle it. If the election would of went the other way, would Hillary (or any other Republican in the primary short of possibly Rand Paul or Ted Cruz) done anything different to try and reign the debt in? Absolutely not. So you are correct that the debt is growing without real effort to fix it. Just like the previous guy did for 8 years and the guy before him for 8 years. So it’s only a problem when Trump is president I guess…. WTF indeed! In reality it’s a very serious problem. All political parties should be concerned about it and should work together to fix it but hell will freeze over before that will happen. Yes getting back to the EPA, it can serve a useful purpose for honestly helping protect our environment through common sense rules and regulations. But unfortunately over the years it has become stacked and infiltrated with so many politically biased, agenda driven activists (much like we have seen with the FBI and DOJ apparently) that it has become this all encompassing, over bearing monstrosity enacting all sorts of stupidity all over the country. Case in point this very article above us. I don’t want to do away with the EPA. Just bring back some common sense into the organization. As a matter of fact, the government as a whole could use a long overdue return to some common sense. I’m sure by now you won’t be surprised that I disagree with your last two sentences as well. I think places like Bangshift are a fine venue for debating something like this that affects what (most) everybody is here for. It’s about the owning and enjoying of all things automotive and mechanical. Unfortunately as we go along we’re going to see more encroachment by the government on this hobby that we (or at least most of us) enjoy. So we better stay alert, gain as much info as we can on issues, talk to other friends, family, and enthusiasts, get involved on a local and national lever, and not forget to vote. Just my two cents on the matter and I’m done on this subject. I’ve tried to keep this respectful but if the moderators here feel my comments were at all out of line, then feel free to toss it.

          1. David Sanborn

            You might’ve benefitted from the tax cuts for the rich, but the official data shows that it was entirely a gift to the richest of the rich:


            Global warming is ABSOLUTELY caused by our release of CO2 into the atmosphere. If you don’t believe that then you obviously think you’re smarter than the world’s climate scientists. Care to argue with NASA? Here you go:


            Your conspiracy paranoia about the DOJ and FBI is tinfoil hat conspiracy theory level nuttiness. As recently as Reagan you would’ve been tarred/feathered for impugning them but now that Trump disses them daily because they’re INVESTIGATING his dumb crimes you think it’a all true. You’ll probably also call my links above false because MSM just like your hero.

            If the EPA doesn’t enforce laws re. emissions equipment then what’s the point? I once had a RX7 w/ a Racing Beat exhaust and no catalytic converter – it was a hoot. Then one day someone else drove it with me following – it made my eyes water with the acrid exhaust. Since then I’ve kept cats on all my cars, my ’90 Vette, my K20 swapped Insight, my Abarth. Because I care.

      2. Derrell

        Your exactly right! If the rest of the elected people would get behind Trump, there would be a lot of good things accomplished.

      3. Derrell

        Your exactly if the rest of the elected people would get behind Trump, there would be a lot of good things accomplished.

        This coment was posted below in the wrong place

  6. Gavin

    Years ago when the RPM Act was first proposed, I sent a link to the petition to the three American car guys I knew and asked that they please sign it and pass it onto every other car guy they knew in their State, (BTW, I’m Canadian and couldn’t sign it!!!). I commented to those people at the time that I thought this was THE critical Act that could protect our hobby. I didn’t hear back from anyone. Nothing. We’re our own worst enemies. The EPA is an out of control federal, bureaucratic entity that is of such a size now that it effectively answers to no one, other than themselves. As an outside observer it appears that they make their own rules and progressively amend them to suit their agenda of either bankrupting businesses or destroying individuals, all under the guise of environmentalism. It is a human fault to look at a past record of action to falsely predict a hoped for future. The fact that they have either focussed on diesel suppliers or imported engine companies in the past means NOTHING! Those unfortunate companies are just the first course. Once those companies have been eliminated they will then move on to next level suppliers, and then the next, and the next. Trust your gut. The people employed by the epa are the opposite of car people. Employees there have obviously been empowered and incentivized to fulfill a very aggressive program, and within that program are financial targets, and if those targets are met or exceeded then those employees will undoubtably see personal financial reward. It is a massively F’d up situation. So, get every single car person or supporter of your hobby you know, to sign the petition, and do it now. Get on your little social media platform, and spread the word like there is an upcoming ban on cheeseburgers. Don’t park your fat ass in front of your idiot video game tonight but do something truly worthwhile for once in your miserable, selfish existence. Remember, the epa will use every filthy, disreputable, immoral play in the book to destroy our hobby. They will come to your door and take your car. Think it’s a joke? Then don’t sign the petition.

  7. Chris Delmer

    The government needs to stop being a tyrant already. Enough is enough. We have way to much government in this country. Stop messing with everyone’s hobbies, and leave these companies alone!

  8. David Sanborn

    Why don’t companies like Flowmaster and Summit Racing have customers sign a waiver that their parts, once purchased are only used in off road or racing venues? Wouldn’t that be sufficient to shift liability onto the end user?

    Alternatively, if the EPA can sue these companies for what the end users are doing, why can’t the ATF hold firearm manufacturers liable for the use of their arms in mass shootings?

  9. Derrell

    They can punish big companies that provide jobs, products people want, etc. and make them pay because they will have more money than we little folks.

  10. Mark Warkins

    Here we go again, those tax and spend Trumpers trying to take away our hobby and our racing. He is actively trying to turn our race tracks into golf courses for his rich friends.

  11. margaret villareal

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