A Full-Race Jeep Comanche? Engine Be Damned, Yes Please!

A Full-Race Jeep Comanche? Engine Be Damned, Yes Please!

Who looks at a Jeep Comanche and sees a drag truck? Who does that? A rockcrawler, a mudder, a pre-runner, a Baja race clone…anything seems to be a better fit for Jeep’s midsize pickup, but here we are: turbocharged LS, full frame,  being shaken down in preparation for some serious use later on down the road. You have to admire owner Dave Pearson for taking the road pretty much untraveled and making something cool out of it, though. Not many would conjure up the image of a Comanche rolling out of the burnout box with it’s back end enveloped in tire smoke as the turbo is spooled up. This truck has been built up, from it’s Strange front end to the Ford 9-inch out back, and all of the 2×3 framing and chrome-moly tubing in between with one goal in mind: spanking egos and hurting feelings. Given that these are shakedown runs and aren’t indicative of what the Comanche can truly do, we will sit and wait for the footage of when this little Jeep gets truly dialed in. We can’t wait to see that!

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One thought on “A Full-Race Jeep Comanche? Engine Be Damned, Yes Please!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Ho hum – another LS!

    But strangely enough I was thinking of a Pro Mod Land Rover Defender just this afternoon. With a vastly extended wheel base tube frame and a blown Hemi it would be truly awesome even if it turned out to be the world’s fastest brick…

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