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The Super Snoopy Corvette of The Late Todd Rumpke Is For Sale – Has Won OUSCI, One Of Meanest Pro Touring ‘Vettes Ever

The Super Snoopy Corvette of The Late Todd Rumpke Is For Sale – Has Won OUSCI, One Of Meanest Pro Touring ‘Vettes Ever

(Photos from Danny Popp FB listing) – The late Todd Rumpke was one heck of a guy and there was no more amazing display of his impact on the pro touring community than when he became ill. The entire pro touring universe banded together to help support his family and show their support of his struggle by displaying his number 63 on their cars in various ways. Along with being a great guy, Rumpke was one hell of a competitor as well and he was not a guy who went halfway when setting out to build a car, in particular his Super Snoopy Corvette that he worked closely with Danny Popp on setting up. This thing was and is a monster.

It has won events like the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational and it was the Grand Championship winner at the 2016 Holley LS Fest event in Bowling Green, Kentucky among some of the other titans of the pro touring world. Not some long in the tooth race car, this thing is still capable of hammering out wins at autocrosses, open track style events, or wherever else you decide to bring it. Danny Popp is handling the listing and that’s a guy who has done a lot of competition driving and has succeeded in this very car.

If you are in the market for a full-tilt, put up or shut up pro touring car, this is your jam right here. We’d list all the specs and accomplishments about the car but Danny Popp handled that and we have his words copied below.

There’d be no better way to honor Todd’s memory than having this car land in the hands of someone who both wants to own it and wants to continue to wring it out to the extent of its limits. This is a hyper car in white.

Here’s the full listing from Danny Popp – full build specs and photos below

The ‘Super Snoopy’ Corvette is going to be up for sale first, soon. I am going to be responsible for this sale. Todd ( and I ) put much time, thought, effort and money into building this car into what it is today. A lot of very precious moments that I will forever cherish. This car is capable of WINNING any Pro-Touring , USCA, SCCA, NASA or Corvette club event. It is also one of the FASTEST HPDE cars you will ever come across. If interested, you can PM me here on FB, or send an email to: [email protected] . We (Sonya and I ) will consider serious offers. There is MUCH money invested into this car, but also know that it will be bought for a much lower percentage. This is NOT a fire sale , and as such low-ball offers will be sneered at.
I do not currently have exact mileage, but mileage is in the low 20k range.

Of note, the car has won the 2011 Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car invitational, and was the 2016 Holley LSFest Grand Champion points accumulation points leader. It also has run 1:27’s at Mid-Ohio (2011) and 1:12’s at Putnam Park on street tires (before paving).

Here are some of the specs:

2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
originally velocity yellow, painted Artic white in 2011 for SEMA

441 cu in LS7, 12.4:1 cr, LS7 cylinder head castings ported by S.A.M

Callies “Dragon Slayer” crankshaft and pro rods

Wiseco pistons

Solid roller, Jesel Rockershafts

Dailey Engineering 3 stage dry-sump, 13.3 quart tank

600-ish rwhp, haven’t dyno’d in a while

Engine fresh, installed into car mid 2015, ran 3 USCA events, 2016 LS Fest and a SCCA ProSolo. Low run time.

Fresh QuarterMaster 7.25 Optimum V 8-leg clutch assy
Rockland Standard Gear ZR-1 2.29 gearbox
RPM 3.73 differential
Custom diff, trans, engine oil cooler and C&R radiator
StopTech brakes 14″ (355mm)
Forgline GA3R wheels
Spherical suspension bearings
Spherical bump steer kits front and rear
Raked radiator
LG Motorsports World Challenge lift off hood
USCA legal aero package, front splitter, undertray and rear spoiler
Kirkey intermediate roadrace seats
Pfadt adjustable sway bars
SKF race bearings
JRi double adjustable shocks
VetteBrake & Products high rate composite leaf springs
RAFT built soild coupler driveshaft
LG Motorsports drop spindles
Custom nose mounted brake ducts
Custom carbon air intake
Sparco steering wheel, removable, NRG coupler

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