GREAT NEWS: Maine’s Oxford Plains Dragway Will Be Open For Business In 2015!

GREAT NEWS: Maine’s Oxford Plains Dragway Will Be Open For Business In 2015!

We’re happy to report that Oxford Plains Dragway in Maine will be open for business in 2015. This announcement comes less than a year after depressing news that the track would be closed with no plans to reopen it. There have been several strips which have come back from the dead in recent years and Oxford is now on that list that include places like Memphis International Raceway. Jeff Shock is the guy who will take the owner/manager title and we understand that it was shock who was able to get the conversation started with the Mayberry family who owns the facility where the ¬†drag strip is located (Oxford Plains Speedway is the large circle track that anchors the place). Shock has history with the track, having operated the facility years ago so he is familiar with the area, the racers, and what he’ll need to do to keep the eighth mile facility up and running on whatever schedule they decide on.

Crystal Lancaster will serve as operations manager and we’re happy to see here name on the lineup because she has a ton of passion, appreciates the history of the place, and will throw everything she has into building good racing programs that people will have fun participating in. The team of people that will be operating the track have lots of work to do before they get fired up in the spring but we know that they have been warmly received by racers, many of whom felt like they were abandoned when the track was padlocked late last Spring.

We’ll have more on this story in the coming weeks but until then, a hearty congratulations to Jeff, Crystal, and the racers who will be once again pounding the eighth mile strip outside of Portland, Maine in 2015. That’s great news for everyone.



Good Evening Racers & Race Fans!

I am pleased to announce that Oxford Plains Dragway will be opening its gates for the 2015 Race Season! Under new management, we are striving to bring Oxford Plains Dragway back to life – even bigger and better than before! As we are in the midst of planning the 2015 season thoroughly, we would like to have a preliminary Driver’s Meeting so we can meet all of you, physically see how many of you are interested in racing this summer, and most importantly – we want to hear what YOU, the racers, have to say! Our meeting date has been set for Sunday, February 1st, 2015, starting at 11:00am, at the VFW Hall in Oxford, Maine. If you are unable to make this meeting for whatever reason, we still want to know you’re interested in racing this summer! Please call/text Crystal Lancaster at (207) 754-1022, e-mail her at [email protected], or Facebook Message us – we want to hear from ALL of you! Favorite this Facebook page so you can stay tuned in on the latest and greatest information! This page will be featuring announcements such as the 2015 schedule, the launch of the new Oxford Plains Dragway website, track updates, and more! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on February 1st and remember, we can’t have a successful season without our loyal fans and dedicated racers!

Thank you,
Jeff Shock, Track Owner/Manager
Crystal Lancaster, Operations Manager
Oxford Dragway


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    1. Brian Lohnes Post author

      Tom, I am almost 100% certain some of the guys who run the regional “pro comp” series we have up here have dipped a toe into the 3s.

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