Great Sleeper: A Buick Regal GS Laying Down Twelves On A Tune Night

Great Sleeper: A Buick Regal GS Laying Down Twelves On A Tune Night

I know that people I used to work for and with back in my military days read the stuff I write. They have ever since I posted up my ode to the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter that I used to wrench on when they were retired from Army inventory a few years back. So…if you’re reading this and that red car looks similar to the silver and tan one that I drove when I was in Washington State, I have to come clean about something: “supplemental income” is a thing, and it came in the form of idiots on Pacific Avenue and South Tacoma Way and Highway 512 in Hondas and Jettas and V6 Mustangs who were all mouth and no motor. It’s easy to talk smack about a silver grandma’s car, but when you’re staring at taillights for over a mile and all you hear is the droning exhaust note of a GM V6 trying to rev, you know that has to chap a little bit.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of GM W-body cars that pack the 3.8L supercharged V6. They are the most underrated thing out there. I drove a well-beaten Monte Carlo SS that was packing one last year and it still felt like it would get up and dance under the right conditions. They’re comfy, they are roomy, and right now they are C.H.E.A.P. You want to hustle the hustlers? Do a better job of hiding your intentions and dig deeper into the engine. They’ll run low-15s out the gate (that’s 1980s IROC/5.0 territory) and a tweak here, a pulley there and you can have a street sweeper that looks fresh from the buy here, pay here lot. Watch this thing’s sixty-foot, especially against cars that should out-do it.

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4 thoughts on “Great Sleeper: A Buick Regal GS Laying Down Twelves On A Tune Night

  1. Pete231

    OH-58D ? Meh ! … Real men flew the Loaches while the wannabees struggled to get the Kiowas off the ground on a hot day without over torqueing the gearboxes. Greasy kid stuff…..

  2. Pat

    That’s exactly what i would do whith this type of car . Embarrassing some loud & proud boyracers .

  3. Anthony

    I had one for 15 years. It was great for whopping up unsuspecting speedy cars. Friggin road salt ruined it.

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