Holley LS Fest X: The Motherlode Arrives For The Festivities!

Holley LS Fest X: The Motherlode Arrives For The Festivities!

The event is over, but we’re still coming to grips with just how huge LS Fest X really was. We’ve seen the drone shots, and we doubt we’ll ever know just how many tens of thousands of spectators were in the stands, but we saw the rivers of human bodies walking from point to point on the property and we saw the fields full of cars. There is no question that this year was a monster, we just don’t know how big of a monster it truly was. Not by definable numbers, anyways. But you knew things were good when the staging lanes were always packed full, and when Dallas Jones, owner of Beech Bend, seemed flustered. You could see it with the mile-long food vendor lines, the empty ATMs, and the stands packed full to the brim with fences stacked as well. Beech Bend has never seen a crowd like it saw at LS Fest X.

By lunchtime Saturday the place was rockin’ at full volume and the line to get into the party was still all the way out to Interstate 65. And for the first time ever, portions of the program had to be cancelled due to the sheer numbers. Had the Countryside Cruise or the True Street drive gone on as planned, we’d still be there right now running cars because they wouldn’t have returned to Beech Bend until sometime after 10 p.m. Saturday night…and that’s if the cops didn’t catch them doing something dumb first.

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