All Hot Rod Drag Week 2015 Tracks Announced – Gateway Motorsports Park, Indy, Great Lakes Dragaway and Cordovas Round It Out!

All Hot Rod Drag Week 2015 Tracks Announced –  Gateway Motorsports Park, Indy, Great Lakes Dragaway and Cordovas Round It Out!

After months of waiting, fingernail gnawing, and speculation, Hot Rod Drag Week 2015 tracks have been announced and this looks like it will be a wild Midwestern adventure through some of the coolest areas that this country has to offer. Hot Rod is releasing them one at a time. Now the real bench racing can start.

Here’s the order:

Sept 13th – tech day Gateway Motorsports Park – Madison, Illinois

Sept 14th – Day one of competition at Gateway Motorsports Park – Madison, Illinois 

**** Fun fact: This will be Drag Week’s third visit to this track and it was on the original roster in 2005

Sept 15th – Day two of competition at Lucas Oil Raceway – Indianapolis, Indiana 

**** Fun fact: This will be Drag Week’s 4th visit to drag racing’s hallowed ground

Sept 16th – Day three of competition at Great Lakes Dragaway – Union Grove, Wisconsin 

****Fun fact: This will be the second time that Drag Week has visited this most historic of tracks.  2007 was the first.

Sept 17th – Day four of competition at Cordova Dragway Park in Cordova, Illinois

****Fun fact: This will be the third time that DW has visited Cordova. One year the track was raced multiple times because of rain. 

Sept 18th – Final Day of Drag Week competition at Gateway Motorsports Park – Madison, Illinois 


Will anyone join Doug Cline and Tom Bailey in the “six second club”? They are the only two guys to ever run a six second number at every track. Bailey did it in 2013, Cline in 2014. Will Larry Larson come thundering back and create a 5-second club all of his own. Will Tom Bailey have enough in Sick Seconds 2.0 to content with the proven 5-second power of Larry’s killer truck? Who will actually be the first to turn a five second run at Drag Week? Remember, that has not happened yet. Larson did it in Las Vegas and I know that he’s itching to really rub in my public statement that it would never happen. I’ll never be so glad to be proven wrong, trust me. Will anyone show up in the gasser class to contend with Dennis Taylor who clearly thought out his program and executed in 2014?

As always, weather, traction, and the almighty hell of breakage and no sleep will play a factor as they do at this event year after grueling year. Remember, this thing sold out in 8-minutes last year and more than 300 cars were “signed up” at one point. The road trip, the multiple tracks, and the adventure of it all has made drag week the preeminent event in the world of street legal drag racing and this thing shows no signs of slowing down!

If you want in, you better be quick on registration and all of that information can be found on Be there….we will!



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21 thoughts on “All Hot Rod Drag Week 2015 Tracks Announced – Gateway Motorsports Park, Indy, Great Lakes Dragaway and Cordovas Round It Out!

  1. Gerrit

    Great news for this Dutch expat who will spend the next 2 years in Menomonee Falls WI.
    If only the USCIS will grant my I-797 petition in time so I can apply for my VISA

    Hot Rod Power Tour AND Drag Week. Awesome

    1. tron

      I doubt Route 66 will be hosting a day, that weekend they have the NASCAR weekend at Chicagoland Speedway Friday/Saturday/Sunday, with the prep needed for that weekend I highly doubt they’d load anything at Route 66 in this timeframe.

  2. Blueracer1969

    I hope Gateway takes this seriously, I was there last time Drag Week was there, and almost everyone hated the track. Lets have some NHRA track prep, and let these people either tear their stuff up, or make history!!!!!!

  3. LSrx7guy

    Maybe they’ll hit Cordova after Wisconsin. Drag Week ran there before. So far the furthest track is a 4 hour drive from home. Time to schedule my vacation and get the car sorted.

  4. Tom P

    I doubt Rt66 because it’d be hard to make a road trip from Great Lakes over 100 miles without a lot of backtracking. It’s only 300 miles to St Loo so that gives a lot of space to go east or west before heading to Gateway..

    I’d guess either Cordova or Tri State in Earlville IA with the nod to Cordova for finding hotel rooms.

  5. Vinnie

    ONCE AGAIN, Hot Rod magazine fucks us in the eastern part of the states. We have got some of the best tracks you can turn a tire on, but they don’t give a rats ass. Everybody on the east coast should cancel their subscription. But, Charlie Checkbook ( Sick sex with steve ) would bail them out . FUCK OFF HOT ROD !

    1. Wolf

      Vinnie, check the history of Drag Week. It’s ALWAYS been centrally located so nobody is fucking you. Besides, Drag Week is 1000+ miles for the event itself, so if you can’t drive 800 or so miles to get there in the first place, you’re missing the whole point. BTW, not everyone has a bunch of tracks within a few hours of home, so you come off sounding like a spoiled, entitled, cry baby.

      1. Vinnie

        I have followed Drag week since the beginning asshole. , Hot Rod just seems to cater to the west.. Not All of the tracks are close, Pa, Ohio, Maryland. but good tracks. MY OPINION. Some of my friends have been , are in D W.. Now, go back to sucking baileys cock.

        1. Scott

          If you have followed from the beginning, you should know why it’s not in the East. When was the West coast DW? Is the location what’s keeping you from racing?

      1. TheSilverBuick

        No kidding! Waaaa, waaaaa! There are plenty of folks just as far or further west. Its 23 hours from me and I’m in EASTERN Nevada.

  6. Karl Chamberlin

    We’re coming from New Zealand to watch. Like someone said, if you don’t like it don’t go, but don’t bitch about it like a spoiled brat! We’d kill to have an event like this here in NZ.

  7. Brenhan

    Im intending to come and watch from New Zealand as well and I believe a guy from close to here is planning to ship a car over to compete

    Karl, if the tracks here could agree then a meremere-taupo-meremere event would be a good start.

    1. TheSilverBuick

      Tough call. The first day has all the vehicles full of hopes and dreams, the last day typically has ~15-20% fewer vehicles but they may start running all out as well as the DD bracket race and possibly the after DW shootout. Or it might just be rain =P

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