Behind The Scenes With A Master: How Larry Chen Shoots Nitro Drag Racing – Cool Video

Behind The Scenes With A Master: How Larry Chen Shoots Nitro Drag Racing – Cool Video

It is always interesting when we get to see and hear professionals doing what they do in a relaxed environment. This video is exactly that and it is really fun to watch. While you may not know him by sight, chances are that if you consume a lot of automotive media, the name Larry Chen is familiar to you. Larry is one of the premier racing and automotive photographers in the world these days and from the sands of the Dakar Rally to the strips of the NHRA, he has been there and shot that. In this video we get to see the world through his eyes as he shoots Cruz Pedregon’s Snap-On Tools nitro funny car.

This video was made during pre-season testing and that gave Larry some freedoms creatively that he would not have otherwise had during a normal national event. Between the competition and the rules regarding what can and cannot be done during an actual race, he had a nice open platform to use in Phoenix basically without restriction.

There’s a lot of planning and thought that goes into good photography. The settings and adjustments made to get the proper photos are their own entity but the fact that you have to place yourself in the position to succeed is where the real beauty of the scene is. Larry is not just a technical master with the camera he is a cerebral guy who can be in the right place to get the best work.

Photographers are an interesting lot. We do not normally hear them talking about their work or how they execute it. Now’s your chance to hear it from one of the best in the world.

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