How To: Installing a McLeod RXT Street Twin Clutch on RebelDryver’s BluePrint Engines 400 Small Block!

How To: Installing a McLeod RXT Street Twin Clutch on RebelDryver’s BluePrint Engines 400 Small Block!

It is incredibly rare to find anyone that daily drives a stick shift car anymore. It’s also rare to find folks that drive classic cars daily. Both in one is almost unheard of, but Scott Liggett is one of those guys that has daily driven a stick shift classic car for most of the past 20 years. In this video he’s installing a McLeod twin disc clutch on a bitchin Blueprint small-block that is going into his 1965 Impala.

At a recent media trade conference with a lot of motorsports parts companies, I had meetings with a couple of clutch companies, including McLeod. In all those meetings, I remarked on the fact that I bet not one single media person in attendance drove a stick car every day, except me. While they did not pole each and every attendee, since the conference had already started, I can say that not one single media person they talked to after speaking with me could say that they did in fact drive a car with a clutch pedal every day.

But we all know that it is WAY more fun to drive a stick car and that it always feels faster than an automatic, even if it isn’t. So that means that a lot of you want a stick in your hot rod and we don’t blame you one bit. So in this video here, Scott is going to show you just how easy it is to install a twin disc clutch. It’s not hard. It’s not something that you can’t handle and should be afraid of. It’s the way to get extreme clamping force with very little pedal effort. It’s THE kind of clutch that makes a huge difference in the performance and drivability of your hot rod.

Video Description:

McLeod Racing makes a whole bunch of different clutches from stock replacement to full race clutches. I have used them for years with great success. Today, we are installing McLeod’s RXT Street Twin in our 1965 Chevy Impala SS. Our Project Evil Orchid Impala has a BluePrint Power Adder 400 with an American Powertrain T-56 Magnum 6 speed transmission.

Today, I will be showing how easy it is to install one of these twin disc clutches from McLeod. They provide super easy to follow instructions, plus they mark each piece so there is no guess work on how these clutches install. Follow along as I install this clutch and get my Impala back on the road.

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