In 1995 Dave McClelland Raced A Pro Stocker For Fun! This Video Is Rad!

In 1995 Dave McClelland Raced A Pro Stocker For Fun! This Video Is Rad!

Well color us happy! Most hardcore NHRA drag racing fans know that Dave McClelland has been a racer for most of his life. He competed in his Tuna Tank Fiat altered for years and his kids, like Kevin, are seasoned and accomplished racers as well. The REALLY awesome part here is that Dave McClelland got a pro stock license in the 1990s from Roy Hill’s school but he did not stop there. Nope, he actually raced a freaking pro stock car!

Roy Hill, always the savvy marketeer called up Mac and asked if he wanted to try his hand in competition at the 1995 Pro Stock Superbowl in Houston. This event saw 29 of the best pro stocks in the country. Ok, it saw 8 of the best pro stocks in the country and 21 guys who were cannon fodder but the reality is that Mac was there and he was grabbing Lenco levers, trying to qualifying.

We are not going to give away the results here but just know that Mac is a bad ass and always has been. This dude did not make announcers as drivers look bad and a pro stock car is one of the most finicky, awkward, and touch sensitive cars in the sport of get a hold of. In the video Mac says that he has made about an half dozen rips in the car.

The dude looks like a pro.

Press play below to see Dave McClelland’s pro stock racing debut in 1995 –

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3 thoughts on “In 1995 Dave McClelland Raced A Pro Stocker For Fun! This Video Is Rad!

  1. Chaun Benfield

    “AWESOME, I would do it in a heart beat, I have had past experience in go carts, bracket racing, crewing on a pro mod and supercharged top dragster, Driving an injected alcohol top dragster and more. More racing would put a hard to remove grin on my face, a grease stained hand and a life full of great memories by continuing the family tradition. Mr. Dave McClelland is truly deserving of his accolades and more.

  2. Ted

    I was lucky enough to become friends with Gordie Bonin years ago and he suggested I do the Roy Hill school as a lifelong motorcycle racer trying the Pro Stock storyline but sadly with Gordie’s passing it never came to be. Just seeing the smile on Dave’s face makes me wish I’d had the opportunity to pull shifts in one of Roy’s cars. Excellent vid……………


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