Crazy eBay Find: This Guy Claims To Be Selling An Intake From One Of EJ Potter’s Widow Maker Motorcycles

Crazy eBay Find: This Guy Claims To Be Selling An Intake From One Of EJ Potter’s Widow Maker Motorcycles

This is one of those instances where the part is cool but the history of the part is even cooler. Of course we’re taking the seller’s word on the history of this interesting intake manifold but we’ve go no reason not to. In fact, the story is so detailed and the guy’s connection is so strong we have no doubts that it is legit. So what are we walking about? For starters we’re talking about a bizarre intake manifold for a small block Chevy that uses four single throat carbs at the corners. Effectively feeding two cylinders a piece, the Model 1904 Ford carbs helped to fuel one of the most interesting and infamous machines in the annals of drag racing. Think we’re kidding?

This intake was used on one of EJ Potter’s earliest versions of the famed Widow Maker V8 drag bike. Seriously.

The seller actually owns two of Potter’s old bikes, so that places him at expert level in our book with regard to knowing what is legit and what isn’t. This was supposedly used on the second version of the machine, which the current seller actually restored and has museum displayed for years. EJ Potter (before he passed) claimed that six of these intake manifolds were made for stock car racers in the early 1960s and he got a hold of one and used it. We’ve never seen another. Have you?

All the parts and pieces are there to make this whole program work and while it may lack for real horsepower making potential, being able to say that you’ve got piece of EJ Potter’s racing history bolted to your car is well, well worth the price of admission! The Michigan Madman lives on through his parts!

Link: Want To Buy Ej Potter’s Old Intake Manifold?! If It’s Real, This Rules!


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4 thoughts on “Crazy eBay Find: This Guy Claims To Be Selling An Intake From One Of EJ Potter’s Widow Maker Motorcycles

  1. bob

    If I read the ad correctly, that intake was on the Bloody Mary not the Widow Maker. And… if you still owned the bikes , why would you want to sell this intake and not have it sweeten the deal and go with the bike. I would need to see pictures of the bike with this intake on it. Just saying.

    1. clyde hensley

      The picture and discription of the intake is on page 34 of EJ’s book The Michigan Madman. The # 1 Bloody Mary bike originally had 2-two bbls, that was home made by EJ, he scrapped it in 1961 when he got the 4-one bbl. Abbey Kustom, EJ said he was proud of it because it was aluminum and shiney. This intake was installed after he took the bike apart and found the frame broken, later he also used a 6 duece intake with 4 97s, blocking the center carbs (on # 2 now) but found out he could make spacers and use the last two carbs, you can see this in some of the photos, the center carbs are higher and were hooked to the left hand timing advance grip, so he twisted both grips at the same time. EJ helped me on the restoration of # 2 bike and said any of the ways would be correct. I was going to change the intake but both bikes are for Sale and with No buyers so I’m selling the parts! I have all the parts that exist of the EJ Potter drag bikes, I own # 2 “Bloody Mary” and # 7 “Widowmaker” his last bike, it runs and EJ was the last person to ride it! The short answer is no one is buying the bikes now and they are both correct as they sit, so it won’t matter. Any body want to start a EJ museum? I have plenty to do it with! I was thinking a biker destination bar called “Bloody Marys” with the bikes on display with a museum! Buy the collection,get the intake FREE!
      Clyde Hensley 734-658-1052

    1. bob

      Nope, that bike has six carbs, even though you only see four. Count the fuel lines. Different carbs also.

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