Performance Racing Industry Show 2017: Joe Fisher’s New Copper Plated Dragster Is Really Cool

Performance Racing Industry Show 2017: Joe Fisher’s New Copper Plated Dragster Is Really Cool

Believe it or not, one of the hardest things to do in motorsports is to show up at the PRI show on any given year with a race car and stand apart from the crowd. You have to remember that this is a show packed full of the most amazing stock cars, dirt cars, drag cars, road racing cars, and racing trucks in the world. In order to actually make your own space at an event like this, you have to be spectacular. Well let’s just say that Joe Fisher’s new copper plated dragster is more than that, it is stupendous! Built by the crew at Power Chassis, painted by Olson Paint and Body, and powered by a Procharged PAR Racing Engines big block Chevrolet, this is just a masterpiece.

Of course the central talking point on the car is the fact that everything that isn’t painted (right down to the delay box) is copper plated. This is not a “spray on” color deal, this is actual copper on all of these components, including the wheels, all of the suspension pieces, the rear end housing, motor plate, induction plumbing, four link, and more. The team had FOUR MONTHS into the copper coating process alone! They still have some finish work to complete before the car hits the track in February but man alive is this thing great.

Joe Fisher owns the car. Joe operates and is the title sponsor of both the Top Sportsman and Top Dragster classes in NHRA drag racing. He’s not just a guy who writes a check, he has been actively racing (and winning) in top dragster for years.

One of the interesting things we asked about was bluing or color changes to the headers because of exhaust heat. The fellas said that they do not believe the headers would actually change color like chrome ones do. We’re totally interested to see this car in the sunlight and watch it run down the track. Pretty great looking!

What do you think?

Check out the photos of Joe Fisher’s new copper plated dragster below – it is wild!


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