Amazing Video: Watch John Force Behind The Scenes In 1989 Arguing His Way Back Into A Race

Amazing Video: Watch John Force Behind The Scenes In 1989 Arguing His Way Back Into A Race

This is really amazing behind the scenes video from the 1989 NHRA event at the Texas Motorplex and what it shows is simply awesome. You are going to see John Force argh his way back into a race after officials tried to say that he hit the wall during the first round of eliminations.

Force did not hit or even graze the wall and as soon as he heard race officials were going to DQ him for doing such, he went into full-Force mode. The neat thing about seeing this is that the footage is raw. You are going to see hand held camera shots that are basically just documenting history and without them, no one would have a behind the scenes angle on this scene. It rules.

There are many sides to John Force and you are going to see one here you might not have before. The hardcore, take no shit from anyone, racer. He is at first telling his crew to tow the car UP THE TRACK to force the officials to look at it. They sensibly decide to go up the return road in in front of the fans they please their case until it is successfully determined that no part of the car touched the wall.

While there was no visible damage to the car the race control team went to the Diamond P TV truck and watched video replays for evidence. Once they were satisfied, they made the announcement. As you’ll see, both John Force and the crowd went wild.

Watch this amazing behind the scenes video from Texas 1989 –

John Force – 1989

Check out this John Force classic from the folks at Texas Motorplex!

Posted by NHRA on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Video: Watch John Force Behind The Scenes In 1989 Arguing His Way Back Into A Race

  1. Lee smith

    I was there at the Texas motorplex when that happened to John force ! He give them he\’ll ! We all thought he hit the wall ! They played it slow mo replayed on the big screen and sure as shit he didn\’t hit the wall and was remastered back in the race ! It was John at his finest ! He was always the burn out king !

    1. Mike Redit

      The video was linked by clicking on the \”John Force 1989\” in red. It was on the NHRA facebook page.

  2. Patrick Shewmake

    That was me in the pink hat doing turnaround. He is so funny in person. He was right but had to nearly set his hair on fire to prove it. Not one spot on the car and they couldn\’t make up their minds. Crazy stuff but John is still the best at getting his point across. Awesome times.

  3. James Starks

    Proof-read your stories before posting. Many spelling errors. Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but that stuff hurts my eyes and knocks the wind out of the point of it all. Words have meaning.

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