John Robinson’s Cummins Diesel Powered Altered Is Nuts And Extremely Fast (Video)

John Robinson’s Cummins Diesel Powered Altered Is Nuts And Extremely Fast (Video)

If the name John Robinson sounds vaguely familiar to drag racing fans it is because he’s the guy who campaigned a diesel funny car for several years and did some awesome stuff with it, like run 186mph (and maybe even faster). That car has been around for a few years and there are a bunch of videos of it on YouTube and stuff. We’ve always been impressed with John’s efforts and had the chance to give the flopper a look-see at SEMA a couple years ago and it was a very cool piece, but this altered which may or may not be a new weapon of his really kicks it up a notch. With the big inline six Cummins hanging out in the breeze, it makes an insane statement. Heck, the more we think of it, this car may very well BE the funny car with a coupe body on it. Either way, we’re in love.

We only knew of the car’s existence because of a photos in Brad Klaassen’s gallery which then sent us on a hunt for some video and we found it. The car ran last weekend at North Star Dragway and we dug up some video of one wild run the thing made. We have no idea how quick and/or fast it has been in this configuration and as we mentioned above, it may very well be the funny car with the coupe body on it. What we do know is that this is a brutal machine and if the Outlaw Fuel Altered Association is allowing it to run with them, we salute that group for their open minded approach. If you are into diesel powered stuff, this is totally your jam.


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6 thoughts on “John Robinson’s Cummins Diesel Powered Altered Is Nuts And Extremely Fast (Video)

  1. Don Stone

    Does it and any other race diesel run on straight diesel like we get from the pump, #2 diesel? Or is it a mixture of other stuff?

  2. Daryl

    Good old #2 diesel, right out of the pump. Just add lots boost and lots of nitrous. Add fuel until it smokes, then add boost and nitrous until the smoke goes away. Repeat until you blow up the transmission.

  3. John Robinson

    Thanks guys for the kind words … Yes it is the Funnycar with altered body & we will be switching back & forth this year .. We did get it to go straight last weekend & our latest best time is 7.12 @ 191 with a 4.51 1/8th , thanks again .

  4. James Armstrong

    John hope you enjoyed the video I shot at NSD.

    Bangshift, thanks for posting my video but give credit to where credit is due.

    James Armstrong

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