K&N Spring Fling Million 2019: Crossing Bracket Racing With Endurance Racing

K&N Spring Fling Million 2019: Crossing Bracket Racing With Endurance Racing

Wake up at six in the morning. Start making laps down the strip at eight in the morning. Shut the show down sometime between 10:30 and midnight, depending on the day. Endure the heat of the Nevada desert, the wind, the threat of rain, the locusts that seemed to be never-ending, and once you finally dragged your hide back to the trailer or back to the hotel room, you showered, shoved some food in your face and you laid down to do it all again the next day. The Spring Fling Million is an endurance event for man and machine. Things go wrong, things break, and a good day yesterday might be cut short with a red light the next. Kyle and Peter have managed to turn a five-day bracket race into a proper Las Vegas casino game: prizes abound, risk is everywhere, and there’s a pretty even split between winning some loot and heading back empty-handed. The question is the same for both the slot machines and the Christmas tree: how many times are you going to take another shot before you back off and say, “enough”?

586 cars. Unless they mangled something beyond fixing, they came back. They raced. The drivers donated to the “swear jar” in the tower freely. The hours blurred by, the soundtrack of horsepower ripping by every few seconds. Yelp about 1/8th mile racing to your heart’s content all you want to, but this was a class act race that ran like clockwork. Five days, hundreds of cars and no hangups? We’ll be there every time with enthusiastic faces!

Click on a photo below to check out more of the action from The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and if you missed our last gallery, CLICK HERE to check it out!

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