K&N Spring Fling Million: Door Car Heaven In The Desert Sun

K&N Spring Fling Million: Door Car Heaven In The Desert Sun

I said it on the live stream, and I’ll say it here: if I have to choose between dragsters and door cars, I’ll take door cars every single time. Nothing against rail jobs, but I find them to lack personality. Yeah, they’re fast. Yeah, they are the purest form of straight-line speed, and yes, I’d wedge my big ass into one in half a second if I got the opportunity to put one to use on the strip. But when you see hours of dragsters in a row and suddenly, you’re looking at a battle between what might be the nicest H-body Oldsmobile Starfire in existence squaring off against a low and evil-looking Plymouth ‘Cuda, that’s much more my jam. Drag racing started with street-based cars. Stripped down and prepared cars, but cars nonetheless. Those who preferred the purity of frame rails and an big engine moved towards the dragsters. Those who dug seeing cars off of the street hauling the mail stuck with cars hauling the mail. And at the Spring Fling Million, there’s plenty of both.

From a wild early 2000s era Chevrolet Cavalier that’s been chopped up into a roof-less roadster, to a super-clean 1980s Pontiac Grand Am that looks bone-stock outside of the RWD conversion and monster engine, to the ex-Pro Stockers from the 1990s, musclecars and pickup trucks and whatever else I see…the door cars give me ideas. Whether reinforcing a build idea I’ve had or giving me a brand new idea, or simply reminding me of old race cars of the past, they will always be my jam.

Be sure to click on a photo below to check out more from the Spring Fling Million, and if you missed our last gallery, CLICK HERE to check out what you missed!

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