Watch Kurt Anderson Crash His Arctic Arrow Rocket Dragster While Attempting To Break Sammy Miller’s Ice Speed Record – He Walked Away

Watch Kurt Anderson Crash His Arctic Arrow Rocket Dragster While Attempting To Break Sammy Miller’s Ice Speed Record – He Walked Away

We have been following the exploits of Kurt Anderson and the Minnesota “Rocket Boys” for a few years now as they have built, tested, and used their rocket powered creations, going ever faster and doing so in a measured and damned near scientific way. Recently, Anderson was geared up for what was to be the group’s first really major accomplishment which was to break the ice speed record set by Sammy Miller nearly 40 years ago in a rocket dragster on blades instead of wheels. Anderson had the same approach, having constructed his Arctic Arrow speedster and employing the same propulsion that Miller did in the form of a hydrogen peroxide rocket. Ky Michaelson has been Anderson’s right hand man in this process and he’s a good guy to have around as the dude was involved with anyone who was anyone back in the day of running these cars and building them.

Attempting this speed record on a frozen lake in Minnesota, you’ll see that it was a pretty humble affair. There was a course cleared on through the snow and we have seen some videos of checkout passes that Anderson made before going for the big one. When you watch this, pay attention to when he gets into trouble. To us it seems like when the thing comes off thrust the back end gets light and just kind of rotates around. You’ll see this from inside and outside the car. When you see it from the inside, you can tell that Anderson has all the steering in it but there’s no stopping the very fast rotation of the Arrow.

Things stay calm for a second but once he gets into the loose snow on the outside of the course things devolve quickly. The machine remained intact, he walked away, and they will build a newer, better, and more happily handling version before trying this one again. He does still have his rocket dragster on wheels, so we hope there are plans for that car in the interim period.

We applaud Anderson’s effort and guts here and hope he’ll be back to attempting records sooner rather than later.

Press play below to see this wreck from outside AND inside the rocket dragster –

As many of you may know, I spent most of this last week up until today filming Kurt Anderson and the Arctic Arrow's journey to break the world speed record on a snowmobile. Sadly, at this time the Arctic Arrow was unable to surpass the current record of 247mph. Although Kurt has yet to conquer this goal, he and his crew did something truly inspiring. Anyone who passionately dreams, dares to pursue, and fully commits themselves, can and will turn their ideas into reality. I was privileged to witness the Arctic Arrow's team, just ordinary people, do something extraordinary. Kurt Anderson and the team, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have not the slightest doubt that you guys will break the record in the future. This is a short video I quickly put together to share Kurt's last run today. TO BE CONTINUED…..

Posted by Justin Wavruk on Sunday, February 16, 2020

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