Let’s Go Racing: ECTA Season Opens This Weekend At The OHIO MILE! Weather Looks Great For LSR Action!

Let’s Go Racing: ECTA Season Opens This Weekend At The OHIO MILE! Weather Looks Great For LSR Action!

As you read this, my wife and I are hammer down, heading due west to scenic and beautiful Wilmington, Ohio for the first race of the 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile season. As is tradition with the ECTA, this first event is also the Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge which brings out some really cool cars to compete in a variety of classes for big speed supremacy. Last year’s battle came down to a wild final hour of competition where the Matty Boys and Bill Amaral were literally hot lapping their cars making 200mph passes and desperately trying to go faster than each other. In the end Bill Amaral prevailed but it was a slugfest the likes of which we had not ever seen at the place before.

The weather is looking absolutely flipping great for the weekend and we’ll be racing on Saturday and Sunday. Friday is tech day and it presents a great opportunity for people to come in and see the always varied and unique field of cars and motorcycles as they are being inspected and prepared for the competition that will start on Saturday morning. The action takes place at the Wilmington Air Park in Wilmington, Ohio which is located right between Columbus (to the north) and Cincinnati (to the south) in the lower left hand corner of Ohio.

From turbocharged Cadillacs seeking 200mph to small displacement motorcycles seeking 70mph, we have a very wide spread of iron on the entry list and it should be a really fun weekend with plenty of sun and a great track to race on. If you are within a couple hours drive of Wilmington, you should come down and see what it is all about. The land speed world is unique among all of motorsports in that virtually everyone at the facility is working on their own combo and doing it their own way. Individualism is not only encouraged, it is celebrated in this type of racing and that is a rare state of affairs in virtually every other form of racing in the world.

It is super cheap to come in a spectate although it may be an investment you’ll regret because after you see it once it’ll only be a matter of time before you decide to see how fast you can make your own muscle car, hot rod, or motorcycle go. To get everyone pumped up I have included a link to the 2014 May meet photos. This will give you a slight idea as to what you’re going to see this weekend.

I believe that the event will be live audiocast on LandRacing.com and if so, we’ll provide a link to that you can tune in!


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10 thoughts on “Let’s Go Racing: ECTA Season Opens This Weekend At The OHIO MILE! Weather Looks Great For LSR Action!

    1. Steven

      Tom Bailey actually has two entries (named copper and black). It should be interesting! You can check the ECTA website. There is a link that shows the current entries.

      1. Brian

        The new car isn’t ready for action quite yet so Tom is bringing a couple of his other toys to mess around with.

  1. Mike Irwin

    I am planning on being there from Northern Kentucky to cover some of Saturday’s racing for my readers. We are a stock car racing site, but I love all kinds of motorsports, and am looking forward to being there and taking some photos, etc.

  2. Chris Raab

    I’m hoping to be there Sunday…driving out from NJ. I wish I had more time, to spend the whole weekend there! But, maybe it’s best, if I spent too much time there, I’d be blowing all the rust off my ’72 Chevy C10!

  3. Brenhan

    I should have planned my flights better. I am in Eastern Indiana now but I go back to New Zealand on Friday….

    I’m sure Brian will have lots of great content for those of us who can’t make it to the event.

  4. Matt Cramer

    Jerry’s bringing his Toyota powered 240SX back with a couple new features installed, looking to reset the class record again.

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