Radial Tires To The Front: Lights Out 9 Photo Coverage From The Staging Lanes And The Pits

Radial Tires To The Front: Lights Out 9 Photo Coverage From The Staging Lanes And The Pits

(Photos by the Author) – It is the most arduous, weird, wild, awesome, and out of control drag race that I attend every year. There are so many people and so many cars wedged into South Georgia Motorsports Park that movement is hard. There’s so much action on the track that it is tough to escape from the timing tower to even get out to see it. Thankfully at one point on Friday I was able to peel off and walk the pits to meet racers, get information, and take photos of some of the machines that were on the property, hammering the drag strip.

The car in the lead photo belongs to Jay Boddie who hauled all the way out from San Francisco, California to compete. Awesomely, he was not the longer hauler, either. Teams from Oregon, British Columbia, and other points north made the trip as well.

By now we’re sure you have heard that Stevie Fast Jackson won the $50,000 Radial vs The World category and did so during a dramatic final against Keith Haney. It was one for the books. We’ll be back with some bad ass photography from this race. Our pal Randy McCuddy is going to hook us up. For now, here’s a look into the fun, the chaos, and the craziness of Lights Out 9. There’s more to come!

Click the images below to expand them and then scroll on to see them all –

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3 thoughts on “Radial Tires To The Front: Lights Out 9 Photo Coverage From The Staging Lanes And The Pits

  1. Matt Cramer

    There were some crazy builds there. The rear wheel drive Mini may have been the wackiest; there was also a V8 powered Datsun, a Lexus that supposedly was running an internally stock Toyota motor with a bigger turbo and held its own in the 6.0 index class, and a Plymouth Sapporo.

    I had to take off before the last race, but there were some amazing runs. Keith Haney almost could have been knocked out in the first round when the Enigma did a massive wheelie, but his opponent somehow stalled at the starting line.

    I’ve been wondering what accounts for the Enigma’s unique sound. It doesn’t sound like anything else on the track. Presumably the real answer is top secret. 🙂

  2. Skeptical

    I had this stream up all 4 days while working on the house. I\’m planning on driving up and attending at least one day next year. You guys sounded like you were having a blast announcing it too. Good stuff and thanks to all those who put this on and kept the live stream going!

  3. WD from Ohio

    it was pretty addictive, I had it on all weekend too. you and lee were very
    amusing. big thanks to motormania too

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