Money No Object: Barry Cook’s Twin-Turbo S-10 Is Up For Sale

Money No Object: Barry Cook’s Twin-Turbo S-10 Is Up For Sale

(Photos: Cook) We have to admit, Barry Cook made a hell of a first impression on us. At the 2015 LS Fest, his orange Chevrolet Blazer went full-on vertical before coming back down to earth with every ounce of gravity working overtime. He landed like lead, tried to get the truck to the other end of the track and off of the asphalt, and only then did he notice the full-trail of oil. I had been at NCM Motorsports Park that morning and had gotten back to Beech Bend just in time to find Lohnes looking ready to eat glass inside of the tower. But we couldn’t hold that against him, and to this day it’s almost a punchline everytime we see him and his bright-orange machine. The Blazer has been gone for a minute, but he replaced it with this 1987 Chevrolet S-1o which is, for all intents and purposes, just a cap-less version of the vehicle before. We’ve seen this truck in action…just as violent as the Blazer, but a lot more predictable. Unfortunately, here’s where we have to step back and let the rest of the story unfold. You see, the S-10 is going up for sale and it’s for the last thing we ever would want to have happen to anyone.

You want to help a good guy out and jump straight into racing with a proven setup? Here’s your chance to do both. Barry is good people and we are rooting for him.

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