Money No Object: The Fairmonster – Because You Need An Absolutely Beast Ford!

Money No Object: The Fairmonster – Because You Need An Absolutely Beast Ford!

We almost don’t have to tell you anything about this car. We can just let you watch the video, see the violence that this banana pudding yellow 1978 Ford Fairmont Futura is capable of, and let you make up your own mind on the subject. We saw it in person. I shot photos of this car while it was at full anger. I saw the cords of what had been a tire, still smoking minutes after the car was shut down at LS Fest X. We know what the car can do. But what you need to know is how this car came to be. This is the beast that straight-up OWNED the burnout contest, and cars like that don’t just appear out of nowhere.

Holley’s Tim Grillot built this beast when he found time. He built the engine in his office. He took a sleepy, clean Futura and turned it into one of the most rowdy things we’ve had the joy of seeing in action. If the blown LS is a hangup, if that kind of power does nothing for you, then check your pulse.

$40,000 and it can be yours. All you have to do is pay Cleetus McFarland…he is the current owner. And I’m quoting from the post:

For Sale: 14-71 Roots blown 427 LSX 78′ Fairmont – $40,000 contact: [email protected]

(my favorite part is the cutout zoomies, see pic below)
This is the last thing i’m selling for a while. I bought this car from Tim Grillot at Holley earlier this year to use it for our burnout shows while Toast was still over seas in Australia. We have Toast back now and i’d like to sell this car before James breaks it. For the record, we received the car, it has not been raced or driven much, just routinely fired up to keep everything moving.

Engine: (have a build list showing over $40,000 in parts)
LSX Block
Center counterweighted Callies crank
Callies ultra I beam rods
The Blower Shop 14-71 Hi-helix Teflon stripped blower
Custom BAU injector scoop with progressive linkage
Custom one off billet intake manifold
Billet front cover with integrated crank support
Diamond pistons
AFR LS3 heads
Titanium intake/Inconel exhaust valves
Bronze lifter bores
Crower .903 solid roller lifters
Crower rockers
Custom billet tool steel comp cam
Piston oil squirters/valve spring oil squirters
½” ARP head studs
16 160 lb/hr Holley injectors

Built TH400 from RPM transmissions
8.8 with Spool
8.50 Roll Cage

This year has sucked. Give yourself the best Christmas gift you can afford.

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  1. Danno

    I recall hearing that Garrett/Cleetus bought the car and honestly had forgotten about it! Too bad we never got to see the car on his channel. Cleetus has been selling off several of his toys lately in order to complete needed (and very costly) repairs to the bleachers at the Freedom Factory. Bleachers have to be repaired before he can open the facility to the public.

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