Money No Object: We’d Use This 1965 Mercury Comet To Run Errands With…Just To Freak People Out!

Money No Object: We’d Use This 1965 Mercury Comet To Run Errands With…Just To Freak People Out!

The further you step out of the normal, the more uncomfortable society, on the whole, becomes about your presence. For example: the other day I had to run a few cars down to get fueled up while we were working on my house. My mother-in-law’s white Chevy Tahoe didn’t make anybody blink. My wife’s Silverado didn’t either. But when I took the Great Pumpkin Mustang, a bright orange and white, loud Fox body, car geeks dropped their guard to come over and chat while a couple of helicopter moms actually grabbed their kids away from the car. That kind of reaction to what is the most non-threatening Ford in the state outside of a Taurus makes me wonder just what kind of hell driving this 1965 Mercury Comet would cause.

From the listing: “This Comet 404 A/FX Re-Creation has undergone an incredible build. It was updated with a Carroll Shelby aluminum block 427ci engine with Ford aluminum cylinder heads, a solid roller cam and a Quick Fuel Tech carb system. Bolted on for even more power is the Hampton 871 blower and Jessel belt drive system. An Art Carr Powerglide transmission, Performance Automatic bellhousing, Strange aluminum 9″ center with Strange axles ensure the power makes it to the 15 inch Monocoque wheels and 32.0×14-15 Hoosier tires. This Comet is making 800+ horsepower and running 9 second quarters. It was recently pulling those numbers, while the owner had the car running out at Indy. An absolutely beautiful build, with real gold leafing, tons of polished and chromed pieces in the engine bay and underneath the car. The entire trunk and fuel cell is aluminum. Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes and a Vega style Flaming River steering box give the more a little more driveability. This Comet is street legal and runs out extremely well. Tons and tons of money put into this car and now it’s available to you at less than you could build it for!”

I know what I’d do first…take a nice cruise by the golf course on a Sunday morning. I bet the HOA folks would absolutely adore the classic machine…

eBay Link: 1965 Mercury Comet 404

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8 thoughts on “Money No Object: We’d Use This 1965 Mercury Comet To Run Errands With…Just To Freak People Out!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    A Carroll Shelby aluminium block Ford 427 engine?

    That’s a new one on me – I didn’t know the Ol’Chicken Farmer built engine blocks as well. I’d appreciate further info on this.

    Bitching car by the way but it needs wheels more fitting to the 60s than those Centerlines.

  2. keezling

    Once again the term street legal gets stretched out longer than a comets tail…

  3. Mercury Man

    Too bad the guy who lettered the car screwed up on the “AF/X” logo.
    The correct abbreviation for A-Factory Experimental is A/FX.(big block powered) B/FX was small block powered.

  4. ron lindom

    strip the graphics, rework rear susp.,tire size, to lower rear, lower front more. I hope this build style goes away

  5. crazy canuck

    I would drive the snot outa it every day flaunting convention is my everyday goal . Followed a turquoise 53 ish chevy the other day and the dude was squawking the tires and doin rolling burnouts and I was laughing at peoples reactions of disaproval

  6. Tom P

    Just so much not to like there for a car that I should like.
    The 80K price, the stupid high front end, curious mix of modern and old, Powerglide, and the real look killer… the rear wheels moved way back under the quarters…uhhh, altered wheelbase went the other direction… but then anyone who calls it AF/X wouldn’t know that.

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