Moroso Tech Video: Here’s The Theory And Practice Of Oil Pan Trap Door Baffling

Moroso Tech Video: Here’s The Theory And Practice Of Oil Pan Trap Door Baffling

It’s Wednesday so we figure that the collective brain of BangShift nation is firing on all cylinders today and is ready to learn. We came across this killer video from Moroso that explains the theory and practice of oil pan trap door baffling in street pans, drag race pans, stock car racing pans, and road racing pans. There’s a lot of stuff happening here and everyone of the application is interesting and different. Hell, the engineering in these things is so cool that it is worth is just to check out the killer oil pans Moroso’s Scott Hall uses as props to explain the points he is making.

Many people think that the oil pan is just there to keep the sauce supply contained for the engine but the reality is that after watching this you will understand just how much of an active part of the oiling system an oil pan is, especially in a high performance or racing application. If you are running a wet sump oiling system in your street car, drag car, autocross car, or stock car, you owe it to yourself to watch this video an learn.

We’re not saying that everyone needs to run out and buy a killer pan tomorrow but when you watch this you’ll better understand the limitations of a stock pan and perhaps it’ll help you make a decision on when to upgrade down the road. Our simple advice is to have more pan than you think you might need because it’ll be a whole lot more costly to be lacking proper oiling in a competition situation than it will be to have too “much” pan when you are cruising the streets.

Oil pans have never been so interesting!

Press play to see our pal Scott Hall and learn about oil pan trap door baffling –

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