NDRL Fall Classic 2019 Gallery: Sunshine And Sweet Rides

NDRL Fall Classic 2019 Gallery: Sunshine And Sweet Rides

If Friday’s qualifying runs of the NDRL had been set in the perfect early Fall scene of gloomy, gray and with the threat of rain, then Saturday was the ideal Fall day: warm enough to be nice, cool enough to not sweat, and enough sun to keep your Vitamin D levels topped off. The air was nice and dense, the track was just warm enough, and the racers were going to town. All of the classes on the property were making hay while the sun was out, with more participants and spectators filtering into Beech Bend. And nobody bothered to explain why, but it was Costume Day at the track. Masks, Wonder Woman outfits, the Fairy Godmother herself…all present and accounted for on the strip.

The Fall Classic seemed to be an under-the-radar event, but missing it is a mistake. The photos do not lie…there’s too much good stuff on the property. October in Kentucky is always a crapshoot, but for the drivers that came out to race, they were rewarded handsomely. See for yourself by clicking on a photo below:

Need to see more from NDRL at Beech Bend? CLICK HERE for more!

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