Strip For Sale: North Star Dragway In Denton, Texas Is Up For Grabs – Premier Eighth-Mile Track Does Not Come Cheap

Strip For Sale: North Star Dragway In Denton, Texas Is Up For Grabs – Premier Eighth-Mile Track Does Not Come Cheap

Well, I’ll apologize right off the bat to the person who tipped me off to this news recently because I lost the message but I did remember the content. North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas is for sale and the asking price is not cheap. This is a good track, not the biggest place in the world but it was a place that made lots of headlines in the world of radial tire drag racing and it’s a track that held the drag radial record off and on for several years during what we’d consider the “golden age” of that style of drag racing. Yes, there are still majorly fast drag radial cars racing week in and week out now but a few years back when the record was tumbling every other weekend North Star was one of the places that was front and center.

Sitting on dozens of acres of property, maintained to the highest levels by operator Gene Nicodemus, the place is as neat as a pin. The prep is always bad ass, the grass is always cut, the concession stand looks like it could be a professional restaurant and we’re hoping someone scoops this place up and keeps it running as a track. We don’t need to lose any more facilities, especially ones of this quality and with its reputation.

There’s 4,000ft of rail line on one side, hundreds of feet of frontage on the other, and a neighboring piece of property measuring 72-acres is all for sale. If you have never been to this track, it’s easy to get to and apparently (according to the listing) part of it is outside of the Denton city limits so we’re guessing that means you can make it into whatever you want.

The beauty of a free market economy is that you can ask whatever you want for a price on something and if the market deems it the right price, someone will pay it. For us, $5.9 million is pretty big money for any drag strip. We’re not sure there is anyone out there dying to buy a track that bad but perhaps this is a way for the track to be listed and some value can be placed on it when people make offers?

Big respect to Gene and the whole staff at North Star, we hope the place has a long history with him or fresh ownership. He’s certainly made it an awesome place to race.

For Sale: North Star Dragway In Denton, Texas is up for grabs, but it’s not cheap 

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34 thoughts on “Strip For Sale: North Star Dragway In Denton, Texas Is Up For Grabs – Premier Eighth-Mile Track Does Not Come Cheap

  1. john

    Looks like it could be extended to 1/4 mile… Property restrictions…shoot …it is Texas, dammit !!.

    1. Falcon67

      Not near enough shutdown area to go 1/4. Only the Motorplex is still 1/4 and that’s only at national events. Everything else is run 1/8.

      1. Fred

        Hope he has done all the repairs that place has needed over the years. The bathrooms are deteriorating and pits have also gotten in bad shape. With that asking price it better be in better condition than when his mother in law bought it for him.

        1. Gary Pharris

          Yep I agree. I don’t think any kind of repairs have been made since she bought it for him. Gene Nicodemus is a real worm too!

      2. Shane Tittle

        The Texas Motorplex runs 1/4 every time. I live 15 minutes from it and go out every time they are open 🙂 The over all track at TMP is almost 1 mile. They are doing roll racing as well, being promoted by T&E Productions.

      3. Rex

        They run the place like Yellow Belly . More people at starting line and staging lanes that don’t belong there then in stands and pits . Gambling and other B.S. going on at the starting line . Doesn’t have any sanctioning events weekly because of these actions and don’t want to go by there safety rules ! Or any of there rules .

    2. Scott

      Can’t expand the track, theres a go kart track right behind it. There has been Incidences of cars going threw sand trap and onto the go kart track. I hope it stays open since it’s the only track in Ft Worth area since Texas Raceway shut down few years ago. Good thing is Gaylon Smith built a beautiful track(XRP Raceway) but it a haul to Dallas.

  2. 383 Duster

    I sent a Zillo listing to you guys last weekend…..nice place, Have been there many times, not enough room for a quarter mile track

  3. Frank Hook

    would be nice if new owners would have more bracket racing instead of everything being heads up. A lot of people can\’t afford the heads up racing because of their budgets. But it is an awesome track hope it stays

  4. Curly

    It is a very nice track and they do a good job of prepping the track and running the cars. It is a good location. I would like to see them have a bracket program at least 16 races a year. I go there about 6 times a year and all of the staff are nice and work hard to give us a good safe race surface and no wasted down time. We could all nit pick and complain about something on every track until none are left. That is not good for anyone. In my opinion that sale price may too high to make it profitable to buy. What ever I hope it continues to operate for many years to come.

  5. Simon Vangelder

    It’s a crappy place. However it is somewhat better than yellow belly or seven points. The drinking and pot smoking in the staging lanes the last time I was there was enough that I have never been back since. Whoever buys it will have their hands full cleaning it up and running off the undesirables. After watching YouTube videos of extreme, I don’t think I want to go there either. I am surprised the no one has been ran over at the starting line.

    1. Todd


      That is complete junk….. there are no undesirables at that track as racers or spectators. I\’ve been both racing and spectating at this track for years most weekends and never seen a single problem at the line or pits. Trust me, they would have gotten rid of you a long time ago if you were a trouble maker of any sort.

    2. Jimmy

      Man u just running off at the mouth. what u stated goes on at every track. stay home we dont need u hateful woman at the track anyway. we there to have a good time and race . u go to be a rent a cop I see. mind your own business and dont worry about what others do . it dont affect you. and this is from someone who dont smoke pot at all

        1. Bad-Wayne

          It’s you’re (not your), illiterate (not Illiterate)…that’s two errors in a five word sentence where you are calling someone else illiterate and an idiot.

    3. jim

      it\’s way better than yello-stab-in-the-belly. july 10 2016 when there was a hit-n- run wreck right outside the gate, many YB patrons were looting stuff out of the vehicles b4 the police arrived, i was there….

        1. jim

          i was the paramedic working there. i was injured in the second hit and run wreck that happened right after the first one. my EMT was under the truck involved in the 2nd wreck. i had a concussion (i was knocked unconscious for a few minutes and had a broken leg) i didnt loot shit. next silly-assed question, please……

  6. Shawn Brumley

    Brian Lohnes, I remember my first Dragweek in 2016. On the final day at National Trails Dragway, you mentioned my name, said I was from Denton, Texas and said, “home of Northstar Dragway. One of the fastest 1/8th mile tracks in the country”.

    I have made over 2,000 passes at NSD. I could not be more proud to call it my home track.

  7. Anne

    I am a spectator that attends races there regularly and this is what I experience:
    1) can’t hear a damn thing on the speakers
    2) way to many people at line up, can’t see the cars.
    3) spill recovery takes way too long

  8. Wes

    Sad thing is that the property is not being offered nor marketed as a motorsports facility. The listing agent (who is also the operator’s spouse) is targeting the land for commercial sale. Local land values would put the market price of the dirt around $550,000. If it were being sold as a racetrack you could add about $350K in improvements (track surface, buildings, equipment). So, as a track property…maybe a million. I highly doubt there is $4.9 million in five-year expected profits on the books.

    The previous owner paid $1.25 million give or take in 2007. Only minor improvements have been made since that sale. Nice thing about the parcels of land the track sits on is the low taxes. So there’s that.

    The salvage yard adjacent to NSD is for sale for around $1 million which includes the inventory.

    Beyond the kart track there is 165 acres for sale for $1.9 million. That 165 acres has enough space for a 1/4 mile track.

    Terrible shame what has come of this track. Our shop is about 3 miles away as the crow flies. We’ve spent countless days there back when the track had a solid bracket program as well as hanging out during OFAA and radial events.

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