Party Time: Quick Ford Fiestas From The U.K.

Party Time: Quick Ford Fiestas From The U.K.

Did I ever underrate the Ford Fiesta. As a kid, we had one or two of what the Brits call the Mk.1 version in our yard, one of which I helped turn into a mini-ute at one point. Other than that, they were worthless, at best a $500 run-around that wasn’t worth the effort doing anything with. If it ran, slap a plate on it and enjoy the fuel economy. If it didn’t, call the wreckers and have them come get it, because there was little point in fixing it up. Funny, how time suddenly provides a revision to what you pictured in your head, isn’t it? I’m not big on any front-driver, but one of those tiny little Fiestas with a rear-wheel-drive conversion and a 2.3L turbo four sounds like a screaming riot right about now…

In the U.K. the Fiesta gets more respect. How much more, I couldn’t tell you accurately…I’m not from there and I don’t know many people over there who could provide a reasonable explanation. But what I can tell you, with no uncertain terms, is that there are a lot of Fiestas that could slap around some wanna-be racers with ease. Thirteen seconds is damn respectable out of one, twelves is impressive and anything faster is just showing off for a point.

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