PDRA Dragstock XIII Action: Photos and Winners From The Party At GALOT

PDRA Dragstock XIII Action: Photos and Winners From The Party At GALOT

(Photos by Benoit Pigeon) – Yesterday we showed you some of Benoit Pigeon’s fantastic photos from PDRA Dragstock XIII which was held at the new and freshly completed GALOT Motorsports Park in North Carolina. The place was filled like we have not seen in years for an all-door slammer show and the crowd was energetic and into the whole show. This really was a killer event and as the history of Dragstock has grown over the years, it is like the US Nationals equivalent for the PDRA series. Cars and people who do not normally run the series will show up and make hay while the sun shines at Dragstock.

The list of winners is impressive. Liz Musi took home the honors in Pro Nitrous, Tommy D’Aprile in Pro Extreme, Kevin Rivenbark in Pro Boost, Brunson Grothus in Pro Extreme Bike, Doug Kirk in mountain motor pro stock, Derrick Brown in Top Sportsman, and Justin Kirk in Top Dragster.

The PDRA series continues next weekend in Bradenton, Florida with the second to last race of the season in the form of the Sunshine State Shootout. Bradenton has a magical surface and this time of the year it could start to yield some nice conditions for the cars to make big power in. Be there!

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4 thoughts on “PDRA Dragstock XIII Action: Photos and Winners From The Party At GALOT

  1. jerry z

    I was there Saturday for the final qualifying, damn there quick! Only disappointed of the long wait between qualifying and eliminations.

  2. Bob

    Cool! Did these cars run Jr dragster length ( half track) or did they run the big boys track (1/4 mile) like the big boys used to run. You know when big boys were big boys.

    1. benoit

      Bob, many of these guys run both with many top NHRA guys finding 1/8th prep conditions exellent for testing. Four from this race entered the NHRA event the next week, with Todd Tutterow going to the semi finals. Rickie Smith has done and won championships on both length in recent years against the very top racers of both style. His name is pretty big in drag racing and even listed (along with big boys?) on top of the stands at Bristol, I believe it’s called Legends of Thunder Valley. Some guy named Wally Parks has his name posted there too. May be you’ve heard of him? Fact is a good portion of the tracks near and in NC are 1/8, and, like it or not are the reason the region is so active. Matt Hagan and many others known for 1/4mile racing have raced 1/8 pro mod there as well FYI. It seem that’s in part what makes big boys, not the opposite.

      1. jerry z

        I grew up in the northeast where mostly 1/4 mile tracks existed. These Pro Mod cars are easily over 200 MPH in the 1/8th. There is nothing jr about it.

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